Recent Google Adwords changes that could impact on your business

As we quickly shift our thoughts towards Easter and the upcoming Bank Holidays, it’s safe to say that it’s been a pretty busy period recently for Google who have been making multiple changes to the way that Google Adwords works. As a business, it’s crucial to be aware of any upcoming changes as some of the below that we will be discussing could impact on the way your business uses Google Adwords going forwards.

Google to expand close keyword variants matching with rewording and reordering for exact match keywords

Put simply, this change means that if you look to target a keyword such as “tennis shoes”, your ads may still be visible if a user is searching for a close variation of that exact keyword such as “shoes for tennis”.

Please find an example of this below:

Image Credit: Google

Also, Google announced in its recent change that it will be ignoring any functional words such as prepositions (in, to), conjunctions (but, for), articles (a, the) and any other type of words that don’t represent the user’s search intent.

What does this change mean for businesses?

This is perhaps one of the biggest changes that could impact upon businesses that use Adwords on a regular basis. In order to manage the above changes effectively it would be wise to look at the following:

  • Reviewing your existing exact match keywords and see if removed function words or reordering of the words change the meaning. If they do, add variations as negatives across your campaigns.

Google to give Adwords users greater control over ad placement

Following on from the recent controversy around ads appearing next to inappropriate content, Google has decided to introduce a number of radical measures that look to give Adwords users greater control over where their ads appear by:

Improving their ad policies

  • Cracking down on inappropriate content.
  • Ensuring ads only appear next to legitimate publishers across it’s network.

Increasing control for advertisers

  • Safer default for brands — ensuring that ads don’t appear against objectionable content
  • Easier management for exclusions — making it easier for Adwords users to exclude certain sites from it’s ad placements.
  • Additional fine tuning of controls — making it easier for Adwords users to exclude high risk content.

What does this potential change mean for businesses?

The above changes will hopefully go a long way in reassuring businesses that Google Adwords is a safe place to promote your products and services. This has also helped to highlight the importance of reviewing your existing campaigns on a regular basis to ensure that you can quickly nullify any inappropriate ad placements.

Our Thoughts

With regular updates constantly being made to the way Google Adwords works it’s crucial for any business to monitor changes and to regularly review existing PPC campaigns. This will help to ensure that you are not only operating in line with these changes/taking advantage of them but you are ensuring that your business is making the most out of PPC campaigns.

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FYI: This post was originally published on the Rokk Media blog.