How To Make 2018 Not Suck
Mark Price

I can attest to this. I had a regional sales position making $100k/yr. I had a wife and 2 kids at the time (4 kids now) and I always made the comment, “I really don’t like what I do, I hate the demanding hours, I hate working weekends and holidays, BUT — I make $100k/yr so ‘Life is good’ ”.

I got to the point my heart was screaming at me — “You hate what you do, life is better than this. Time for change”. I wanted to get into the programming industry. It had always fascinated me.

So I quit my job (people called me insane for quitting an income like that) and I joined a tech startup to get my feet wet in programming — that startup crash and burned within months. I lost my house, vehicles were repo’d, and I had to sell everything I owned. I could have taken the easy road and went back to sales. But I was determined to learn to code so I studied my brains out. I was unemployed and broke for months. I picked up some manual labor jobs on the side for some cash — I taught myself how to code and within a few months got a programming contract position. It took 3 years to build a stable life programming, but I did it. I feakin’ love what I do. I don’t have to punch in to a job, I work remotely, I have my own schedule, and I don’t work weekends (most times 😜 ). Burning the ships (not going back to sales) was the best choice I ever made.

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