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I walk by you on the street each day as your crooked neck bends aimlessly down, towards your phone.

Your eyes are glossed over, and your brain fires endorphins as you open your messages, check your inbox, and validate your likes on Instagram and Facebook.

I watch as you crash into another zombie, step in feces, or hit your shoulder into a tree. I used to laugh, but now I shake my head in disappointment.
Why bother? You’re not looking anyway.

Get off of your fucking phone.

I go grocery shopping with you too. While I explore new foods, read…

Real, tangible steps to becoming a successful freelancer

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I often find myself reading articles titled “How to make X amount of money doing Y”, in hopes of gaining valuable or tangible knowledge on how to increase my cash flow as a freelancer. Most of these articles are empty: filled with generic phrases and personal cases of being at the right place, at the right time.

What about an article that outlines a plan to get you from A to B? An article that explicitly tells you how to make more money with freelancing, where the only thing stopping you is yourself.

Well, you’ve found it.

What is Upwork?

For those of…

A natural way to quickly soften and dry your clothes

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There are few things in life that are truly universal. Smiling is one of them. Laughing is another. There’s one more we often don’t think about: Washing and drying our clothes. No matter where you are in the world, how you dry your clothes really boils down in two ways:

  • Drying Machine
  • Hang Drying

There may be some variations in between, but most people usually go with one or the other, or both (like I do). However, when I do dry my clothes in the drying machine, I always dry them with wool dryer balls.

Wool dryer balls have some…

Curbing your sweet tooth can be one of the most difficult dietary challenges to accomplish, especially with the selection of sweets we have access to today.

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From donuts, chocolate, and pastries, to candies, ice-cream, and cakes. The cravings seem uncontrollable, and the act of earning a sweet reward after lunch or dinner is, at this point, somewhat compulsory.

These “rewards”, however, may be taking a toll on your health. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering how you can curb your sweet tooth to help reduce your sugar intake. As a result, you’ll be consuming fewer calories. …

Making your work push you forward

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A common stress factor for many of us are how we are perceived in the workplace.

It could be that your work isn’t being praised, you’re colliding or competing (unhealthily) with your coworkers, or the work you’re doing isn’t being noticed by your superiors.

All of these factors not only prevent you from climbing up the corporate ladder, but make work an unpleasant experience. Some of these factors can snowball, and after some time, can lead to depression, and even unemployment.

While not all of this is in your control, especially as a minority or woman in the workplace, there…

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Upon writing this, I’m actually in the Netherlands working remotely for two weeks. This isn’t my first time working remotely, and it certainly won’t be my last.

Let me tell you why.

An adventure not taken, is a bundle of fantastic memories lost

Travel is just that: an adventure. It sounds cliche, but it’s one of the most enlightening things you can do for yourself. It’s a learning experience, and allows you to see new things, try new foods, and meet new people.

One thing I’ve noticed while living in America is the lack of traveling Americans do, where people…

#2: Dry Your Sink

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The path to a beautiful kitchen or bathroom involves developing the habit of drying your sink. Water stains, rust, scum, and other stains are not only unsanitary, but they are visually unappealing. Five seconds of drying each time can save you hours of scrubbing in the future.

Each time you dry your hands, dry the sink too.

Drying Your Sink

There are no tricks here. After you use your sink, take your towel and dry the faucet, and the surrounding area. …

#1: The Utility Drawer

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Every organized home has a utility drawer. It’s a simple organizational addition to your home that will make your life easier when you just need something useful in a moment’s notice.

Everything has a place

That’s a phrase I will repeat frequently, as it’s crucial to living an organized life. When everything has a place, you stop looking for things you may have misplaced, and you no longer lose time, or your hair, to searching for things you thought you left somewhere else.

The Utility Drawer

Simple: A drawer (or small cupboard) that holds utility-like household items to complete fairly common or mundane…

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I am always surprised when I overhear a conversation about what makes an engineer senior, and the most important virtue is completely left out.

It’s not that people forget, or that it’s an unknown trait.

In fact, I think it’s the opposite: it’s something so well known, that we often take it for granted.

It becomes an overlooked part of software engineering, and because it’s overlooked, it makes the truly great engineers stand out.

What is that virtue? It’s patience.

Your work may take twice as long, but it will cost those working with it ten times less in the…

My days usually start with the following:
- Turn off my alarm (chirping birds)
- Open my windows for fresh air
- Drink two tall glasses of water
- Shower
- Eat fruit, yogurt, and a couple soft-boiled eggs
- Make a cup of coffee, and enjoy it in complete silence

How does this relate to “Me Time”? Well, it’s the routine I do by myself every morning, and it contributes directly to my success and well-being on a daily, and long-term basis. We’ll talk about its benefits, and why it’s so important to have it. …

Jason Cromer

Software Engineer at Postmates. I write about Android-related things, as well as personal/professional health and success.

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