How I went from being clueless about 3D rendering to a little less clueless about 3D rendering.

I love weird 3D art. The stranger the better — You got a magic lollipop dripping liquid gold delicately placed on a soft pastel background? I’ll want to lick it. How about craggy mountains with prism-like terrain floating high in the sky? Let me hike there! Iridescent holograms entangled in fibrous, neon wires? I trip wit it. I love this stuff! Designers and motion artists are using render tools to spellcast the most bizarre creations. Think about it: this is software whose traditional purpose is to replicate the real-world. The lighting, shading, volumetrics, soft and hard body physics, liquids, simulations…

Wow, it’s been a tough year — Hurricanes Harvey and Irma wrecked coastal communities a mere weeks apart. An earthquake shook Mexico City one day before Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico. Close to home, wildfires burned through thousands of California acres. Puerto Rico still doesn’t have power restored. The hits seem to keep coming, leaving communities reeling and families left trying to pick up whatever pieces they have left. Tough is an understatement.

At Upperquad these back-to-back-to-back disaster events have weighed heavily on our hearts. We wanted to help. Together, with the help of dozens artists from all over…

Jason Dietrick

is creative director @UPPERQUAD

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