written at ilcaffe

Let’s try this again.

While applying what we’ve actually learned, thus far.

What was the original purpose of social media apps? To inform, announce, or otherwise short-form communicate long form ideas, to exist as a capsule or postcard of a greater world.

Again, purpose. Not actual use, but purpose.

Status update: where a project, trek, or any other process currently stands, in snapshot.

Feed: the timeline across which such process(es) develop(s), creating a narrative of traceable growth + progression.

Photos: anecdotal images to further widen he keyhole into this greater world beyond said app that is giving a glimpse.

These were the core tenets of the introductions of many of our most frequently utilized platforms, right? It was about how to share what you’ve been doing, after each session, stage of completion, or culmination.


In an everpresent rush to be ever present, ushered in by the Era of the Blackberry, the ability to be constantly connected, became the expectation to be constantly connected. And in an effort that skews almost obviously overcompensating, many of us feel to creating instant ‘proofs’ of how ‘active’ we are in our own ventures that we part + parceled out all of our greatest ideas, which in receiving the instant gratification or external validation, we no longer needed to actual realize these ideas fully.



We could use a reset.

Like a hard, system re-evaluating, paradigm shifting, re-ordering of protocol, reset.

A real life CTRL ALT DEL.

CTRL: We have no control over how others will take our works. Period. What we do control is how we choose to invest our very DNA into what we create so that our truest intention shines through. Once we have mastered the accurate communication of ourselves through our creations, those it resonates with, we rock with. Those it doesn’t, let. them. be. No need to force or convert anyone that doesn’t already align with you. You’re not a cult. (But you will have a core,cult following. Difference.)

ALT: The alternative to rushing to show every bit that you are working on, every single thing you are doing, is to actually pull back. There is magic in the unknown. People love magic. This is a scientific fact.* (*not really. but kind of.) Case study: a magician shows you the entire reveal + process of how he does his trick before he does it. Not so much fun now, is it? Exactly. People love a good ‘how/when in the entire hell did they do that?’ To quote T’Challa penned by Tanahesi Coates, ‘Veil your might. Keep your mystique.’ No one wants to watch a film that’s been spoiled. Stop dropping all your spoilers. Work it out. Get it together. Then Beyoncé it. (yes, she is not only an icon, but a verb now.)

DEL: Remove the need for (over)sharing for the sake of shallow validation. It is fleeting, it is counter productive, it actually dilutes the creative process. An old friend once gave me fantastic advice in my early days of writing: ‘Speak less in public space, + you’ll write more in private places.’ If you’re publicly working out your ideas, not only are you open to everyone else’s opinions of their own agendas, but you rob yourself the joy of self discovery. You’ll receive far longer-lasting accolade for anything you create independent of others than you ever will letting them impress their early, uninformed opinions of your unformed ideas. Remember: ‘Insecurity comes from comparing your behind the scenes footage to everyone else’s highlight reel.’ Let that go. Own your truth, tucker in, + work it out.

All this being said, all of our social media platforms are more beneficially channels for exporting ideas. These are portals, keyholes, postcards to a greater world. But there must be a greater world architected first.

Can’t exactly send out invitations to experience a hotel with no rooms. Build out your ideal. Share breadcrumbs to lead others back to your website, services, or creation. We’ve seen how the other approach works (or, hasn’t). Change the direction of your energies. You’ve consumed more than enough. You have plenty of ‘inspiration’ at this point. Time to shift the polarity. Time to create with all this hoarded material. Sequester yourself. Take a step back, realign your intentions, create, Then share.

Let me know how this goes for you. It will be a challenge, like unlearning + creating any new habit.

I believe in you. I believe in me. I believe in our capacities + talents.

I leave you with this anecdote from the wonderful Nayyirah Waheed:

knowing your power is what creates humility.
not knowing your power is what creates insecurity.

You’re capable of so much more than you allow.

Allow the space, to be you.


Spread it.

Like wildfire.