The fatal blind spot in the conservatives’ philosophy is that they think they can take the upside of living in a society and skip the downside of paying the costs required to make that society work.
The Conservatives’ Fatal Flaw — They Don’t Get It That There Is Always A Cost Of Doing Business

I think you are misrepresenting many if not most conservatives. Traditionally, conservatives work for smaller federal government. I think this is for two reasons. First, the state government, local government and individual people can oversee the needs of their constituents better and more efficiently than a large federal government.

I think I can show this with an example:

My rural Missouri town has a population of about 8k people. 80% of them voted for a fiscally conservative candidate (Republican Party, Libertarian Party or Constitution Party).

There is a homeless veteran with some mental issues in our town. The local population knows this man by sight, they know he lives under a bridge near the middle of town. The local people, churches and law enforcement will occasionally bring him some necessities. If the weather gets extremely cold, some of the local churches will put him up in a motel for the night. Our town recently put in a walking/biking trail that travels under the bridge where he lives. He couldn’t continue to live in this location. The city found him a place to stay, where he is safe and wouldn’t be bothered.

Since he is a veteran, there are federal funds available for him. He is not able/willing to do what needs done in order to recieve this help. I can’t see how the Federal Government can provide for this man’s needs better or more efficiently than he is currently being helped on a local level. If he were able to recieve federal funds the cost would be much greater than the local support he currently receives.

I think you are inaccurately stereotyping Conservatives because it fits your talking points.

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