Excellent, I now understand that your views are not informed by data.

Lol. I don’t feel like a source is needed because it’s mostly common sense. People waste money on non-essentials. It might be an iPhone, big house, living in a specific area, new car, etc. Whatever it is, it’s there for all but the most desperate people.


56.3 billion were spent on smartphones the past 2 years. (is that a fair life of a smartphone?)204 working age adults, average of 2.6 family size is about $700 per family. I give that this isn’t a firm number, there are lots of variable at play, but I think it’s close enough for a conversation on a Medium article.

There will always be emergencies outside of our abilities to self finance, but that doesn’t absolve us from the responsibility to prepare for many of them. It’s $500. We are talking about new tires or a fridge that quit working. Not house fires, family deaths and cancer diagnoses.