The Immigration Ban is a Headfake, and We’re Falling For It
Jake Fuentes

We are in trouble. Big time trouble.

If by chance you are right, then Trump is much smarter than anyone (right or left) believes. In this case, he is playing chess while the media and liberal left keep trying to mark the center space with an x. I am conservative, but this is scary because the last 20 years have been about Presidential overreach and granting power to the Executive branch. It is yet to be seen if Trump is conservative or just loyal to the crowd that got him in office.

On the other hand… If Trump isn’t playing chess, then we have 4 years to hope he doesn’t destroy our country. The only upside here is a conservative congress that can simultaneously fight against Trump and for smaller government. This could be the best case for America. Power could flow from Federal to the states.

Interesting times…

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