I have finally flown with the airlines known as the golden standard of civil aviation. How well do they fare against their competition?

A one-time return trip does not exactly constitute a comprehensive test, which is why this review shouldn’t be treated as gospel. A proper review of an airline should take many factors under consideration: the airport, the airplane type, the duration of the flight, etc. My flight was carried out on the Airbus 330–200.

I shot three thousand pictures in a fortnight. I haven’t published more than a few dozen of them on my blog. I’m quite fussy. On more than a few occasions, I published a photograph I wasn’t sure about only to find out you guys really liked it. And so, I promised myself I would never delete a picture that I’m just not sure about ever again.

However, even an amateur like myself can take a seemingly bad picture and transform it into a pretty good one. Below, you can see the view from the Khalifa tower. The highest of the…

I realize that you’d love to see the city, the Palm Island and all of these things Dubai is famous for, but I decided to give you pleasure in small doses.

This day was similar to the previous one. I spent it at the Dubai Mall: the huge, huge, enormous shopping mall. I had to get some shopping done. It was supposed to take me an hour. I even bought a day ticket for the subway so I could ride around the entire city.

And I failed, once again. But there is a silver lining. At least I can continue…

Dubai saves the best for last.

Forget the Khalifa tower you saw some time ago. Yes, it’s the biggest thing ever and yes, all tourists have the obligation to take a selfie with it in the background. Never mind that. I discovered the best things about this city by venturing into the Dubai Marina. I was expecting a simple bay with a pier with hundreds of stores and stands. But what I saw was the future Manhattan. Parts of Manhattan. Just a sliver. Goddamn, there’s not enough time to see it all!

Your choice: get pissed off, hop into a taxi or start walking.

Somehow, I missed my subway station. The train carried me somewhere across the river (they’ve got a river here?!) To make things worse — that was the last train. When I exited it onto the Union station, I was informed it was closing soon and I must leave its premises.

‘Where am I, anyway?’

‘Planet Earth.’

Sure, it’s not as atmospheric as the New York one, as beautiful as the Moscow one or as smelly as the one in Paris. You can actually breathe once you’re in the building, which is a plus. But don’t do anything more than that.

The quality of today’s pictures is far from perfect, which there is a reason for. It’s illegal to take pictures on the subway, so I just used my iPhone. I’d rather lose my phone than my camera.

It would start on Friday. Over here, that’s when the weekend officially begins.

‘I should walk around the neighborhood’ I thought, finishing a particularly large dinner, feeling like I had just taken another step towards becoming a fat person.

Dubai? You’ll get bored in a few hours. There’s nothing to see in Dubai, they said. Dubai? A bunch of skyscrapers, they told me. And, stupidly, I listened.

The plan was simple. I’ll get a good night’s sleep and wake up before noon. If I leave the hotel around noon-ish, I’ll manage to see most of the city by sunset and, if the gods are in my favor, I might even go to the bay. That should last me for about two blog posts. Hell, maybe even three. And then I can just lie poolside and relax. Why shouldn’t I…

I really wanted to take my first pictures of Dubai by night, but it seems like this city wants me to get to know it a bit closer.

A thick fog covered the entire city. From the neighborhood of my hotel, it’s nearly impossible to see the city center and that huge tower, the name of which I still don’t know by heart. In any other city I’d be annoyed with the neverending construction work, but I read somewhere that Dubai makes up for 30% of the world’s tower cranes. Imagine that! This whole city is constantly under construction. I’m…

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