12 pictures from Dubai I was going to delete

I shot three thousand pictures in a fortnight. I haven’t published more than a few dozen of them on my blog. I’m quite fussy. On more than a few occasions, I published a photograph I wasn’t sure about only to find out you guys really liked it. And so, I promised myself I would never delete a picture that I’m just not sure about ever again.

However, even an amateur like myself can take a seemingly bad picture and transform it into a pretty good one. Below, you can see the view from the Khalifa tower. The highest of the high. When I climbed onto it, though, the visibility was awful. I almost deleted this picture, but I decided to give it a chance. I manipulated a few sliders here and there, and you’ll be able to see the results at the end of this post.

If you’re a professional at this sort of stuff, I’d be glad to see how the photo could be further improved. I’m just good with the basic stuff. Drop me a comment with your results.

Today, I’m publishing a few pictures that didn’t find their way into my previous blog posts. For many reasons. Maybe I decided they’re not a good fit, maybe I realized they don’t have a certain ‘feel’ about them. I wonder if I was right to exclude them. If you guys manage to find at least three pictures that are great, I think I’ll scroll through those three thousand photos and look for more such gems. If you don’t, I have another blog post ready to publish. And then, we’re going back home.