My sweet life in Dubai

I realize that you’d love to see the city, the Palm Island and all of these things Dubai is famous for, but I decided to give you pleasure in small doses.

This day was similar to the previous one. I spent it at the Dubai Mall: the huge, huge, enormous shopping mall. I had to get some shopping done. It was supposed to take me an hour. I even bought a day ticket for the subway so I could ride around the entire city.

And I failed, once again. But there is a silver lining. At least I can continue the tradition of photographing the sweets and pastries of my international travels. These thousands of calories hidden within these chocolates, tarts, cookies, mousses, pastries… I did it all for you.

Stores with sweets sold by weight in pretty boxes and stylish bags… I stay away from them. I follow one simple rule of dieting — what you eat in won’t make you fat. Take away, though, that’s going straight to the hips. Only I could come up with something so ridiculous. And then believe it.

I’ve never seen some of these brands. Ever heard of this Angeline?

Chocolate in a tube is even more evil than condensed milk in a tube. I know I won’t be able to resist it much longer. But today, I was brave. I shrugged my shoulders and walked away.

Even the Nutella version of Armani couldn’t defeat my gluttony. Which I started to regret.


Not really.

Something I really enjoyed — nobody gave a damn about me standing next to the fridges and snapping dozens of pictures. I was a bit anxious, at first. Camera in one hand, a knife in my second hand, a picture of the Blessed Virgin in the third. I was only approached once.
‘Blogger.’ said the female clerk.
‘How did you know? Did you see it or smell it?’
‘Only bloggers prefer taking pictures of something than buying it.’
Come on, now.
That’s not true.

Oblivious to the insult, I went to a pastry shop located in the ‘Fashion’ wing.

A single praline? Please. I’m a blogger. Chocolate? How banal. I’m a blogger!

I chose the most expensive and most breathtaking pastry. Wonder what’s inside.

A work of art. See, sometimes I feel like the treats from the “renowned” pastry shops are too expensive since they’re not that much better tasting than the stuff you can find in your local donut shop. But this pastry fully justified its terrifying price. A crumbly bottom, the consistency of sugar cubes with a hazelnut aftertaste. Above it, a chocolate mousse, a vanilla mousse, dried fruit and melted chocolate on top. One of these is not enough.

By the looks of it, they probably have some tasty stuff here.

I’m not one for fruit tarts. I only bought it because I had to photograph something other than chocolate.

Another work of art. Not too sweet, not too hard, not too soft. Near perfect.

I want you, too.

Not bad at all. Delicious raspberries, pudding and a tough crumbly bottom.

The pastries you’ve just seen cost between 10 and 15 dollars a pop. The two pastries above, a coffee and a 10% tip worked out to about 150 dirhams, or around 50 dollars. 30 dirhams is 10 dollars. Quite a price. Looks like I’ll only be eating things that fall from trees for the next few days. But, hey, great art demands sacrifice.

One last thing… I bought a tripod.

And I’m not afraid to use it.

To be continued…