Running on Wall Street. Two records, one injury and a fantastic vibe

After completing a 15k run, which turned out to be too long for me, due to how mind-numbingly boring it got, I decided to focus on my pace instead of the distance. I never managed to reach one of the first big milestones of beginner runners — completing a sub-60 minutes 10k. Central Park wasn’t an option, because I can’t be bothered to keep running uphill, downhill and uphill again. I decided to take my favorite route, one that runs along the Hudson river. It starts right by my apartment and ends on the island’s southern border.

By the way, let me remind you that this blog is certified 100% free of Runner Douchebags who love flexing their knowledge in the comment sections of any running-related article. Nobody needs your anecdotal advice. Go away.

I started doubting myself after the first kilometer. I ran it too fast. Rookie mistake. Beginner runners tend to start strong (too strong), while they should actually start off at a medium pace. If I had just distributed my stamina a bit smarter, I would have been able to run for a minute longer. This mistake took its toll around the 4th kilometer, which was the toughest and most demotivating stretch of the entire run. I tried to slow down to gain some energy. What’s more, I had to stop thinking about the nearby subway station that could take me back home in a matter of minutes. You can see it in the above pic. I looked at the World Trade Center and started realizing I’m almost halfway there and they must have some great pastry shops a bit further down south. A glazed donut would be a pretty nice treat after this idiotic and mindless exercises.

Running back home, I was so motivated that I managed to run my fastest kilometer of that day. This helped me believe that I can do this after all. Still, I wasn’t sure if I was going to run the 10k in less than an hour. I might be a few seconds over the top. To reach a sub 60, one needs to run each kilometer in 6 minutes or less. I suspected that the last 2 kilometers would be my slowest, so I needed to make up some time beforehand. I knew I’m at least one minute ahead, but each new kilometer led to me nervously glancing at my result.

I did it! I think I’ll do a bit better next time, maybe like one minute faster. Though I’m quite pleased with my time, I can clearly recall everybody was running past me. Everybody in this town seems to be running 4 minute kilometers. That seems unachievable, for now. Maybe in a few years.

My run ended somewhere around Wall Street. I love this neighborhood, especially in the mornings. I’ll take it over Central Park, any day. It’s exactly the stuff you see in the movies. Narrow streets, huge skyscrapers reflecting sunlight, yellow cabs honking obnoxiously, people in expensive suits running around in a hurry.

I took these pictures with my iPhone, because that’s the only device I take out on my runs. The photos turned out pretty well.

Joe’s Summer in the City seems a perfect fit for this sort of vibe.

Unfortunately, I think I’m looking at a long break from running. Something happened to my foot and it doesn’t want to heal. A doctor friend of mine told me it’s not looking very good and I’d be lucky if I can return to running within two weeks. That means I’ll probably be out for around three weeks. And a long break like that means it’ll be another two weeks before I can get back in proper form. Doesn’t matter though. I’ve already achieved my goal. Thus, I can spend the upcoming weeks lying on the couch, eating chocolate and getting fat.