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1 Vicious Hunt: My Journey to 4 TD’s In One Game

Week 2 of Pre-season training is in the books. Only 10 weeks left until game 1. I’m not to sure who we go up against in our first match up but we will all be ready. To accompany the video blog series: Ravens Journey 2017 I have decided to document my personal journey into the sport of American Football (Gridiron). You can watch the latest episode by clicking the link here >> <<

This past week at training we covered the coverage strategy that we will be implementing in more detail. Every single team at the start of pre-season, regardless of each players skill level goes back to the bare basics of the sport. This allows any new comers to the game, like myself, to learn the roles and responsibilities of each position that we intend to try out for.

I am going to be playing Inside Linebacker this year. We have a SAM and a MIKE. I won’t go into to much depth just in case opposing teams are reading this blog….Don’t want to give away any surprises we have in store for them haha. So my responsibility is to stop the running backs first then passes. For those of you unfamiliar with the sport and positions, think of the running back as a prop in rugby league. Sometimes they steamroll over the defense to break through and sometimes they use their speed to get around the line backers and attack the sidelines of the fields.

The defense consists of the following positions:

Defensive Line:

Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, Nose Tackle and another defensive End. Sometimes outside line backers join this line in whats called “Press Coverage”. This is where the defenders are as close to the “line of scrimmage as possible”. The line of scrimmage can be liken to a scrum. These are the big boys.

Line Backers (LB’s):

Right Outside Line Backer, Right Inside Line Backer, Left Inside Line Backer, Left Outside Line Backer. These guys are solid players that have a thirst to tackle and be aggressive. Their primary focus is to stop the run game to force the opposing team to throw the ball more often. This creates more opportunities to intercept the ball.

Defensive Backs (DB’s):

A DB’s primary focus is to stop the pass. These players are usually the quickest players on the defense as they have to keep up with the Offense’s Wide Receivers. (I will go into detail of the Offense in a later blog).

At the Bayside Ravens, we are focusing on a ONE TEAM strategy. This means that the senior men’s, women’s and colts divisions all warm up together and train in our positions together. We only split up when the time comes to install strategies as the women’s and colts numbers differ on the field. Meaning they have less players on the field than the senior men’s.

We have been focused heavily on footwork and learning 2 main coverage strategies. Foot work in this sport is very unique. I found that my hip flex-or took a bit of hammering on my first training session that lead me to sit out for session 2. This week though I was able to do both sessions. I also received my helmet.

The helmet….. I cannot think of a more uncomfortable and weird piece of equipment to play football in. This is however needed to help prevent concussions and head injuries. I had a very hard time seeing out of this thing, as a result i did cop a few balls to the head…..wait that sounded weird…..bugger it laugh it up.

The biggest take away from this week is knowing your role and responsibilities of your position. If you don’t and come game time the opposition takes advantage of it…. You have just let the team down.

So in 10 weeks time, I will have the opportunity to chase the greatest streak of all time in American High School Football History….. And that is of course Al “Touchdown” Bundy’s 4 Touchdowns in a single game.

The video blog series allows you to get to know the players of the Bayside Ravens Gridiron Club. You can check out the latest episode by clicking the link here >> <<

See you on the field,


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