Can Bots Care About Your Customers Like You Can?

Disclaimer — These are my thoughts and opinions. Take from it what you will. I’m not claiming to be an expert yet, but I am learning, observing and predicting what I can see happening in the social space.

The last 48 hours I have employed a tactic on Instagram by contacting various businesses and asking them if I could help out by providing a free service / product

I haven't gone spam bot, there is no automation. Why? Because I actually want to help businesses stand out. It’s that simple. I know the “norm” right now for digital marketers is automated messages to have maximum ROI in the short term but what does this actually cost your business in the long term?

Even as a digital marketer I still get automated messages asking if an agency can do my social media. To me this just makes your business seem very money hungry. You’re only out for yourself and not there to help me.

I believe no matter how big your business is you loose a lot more ROI by using messaging bots. For one, you project an image that you don’t really care. All you care about is getting them to sign a dotted line for whatever your end game is. I get it, its business and you need to make money. However how effective is using bots than to old fashioned hard work.

Now by hard work I don’t mean in a physical sense. It’s not even all that hard. There is an old saying that goes something along the lines of this….

“Do not give a man a job you’re not willing to do yourself”

So if you’re not willing to sit there for hours at a time and type out each message, why go straight for the jugular?

The tactic I have employed in the last 48 hours is for Instagram. I search by location or hashtag, go to a businesses profile, LOOK AT THEIR CONTENT, Find out how I can bring them value and them send them a DM TYPED OUT MANUALLY INCLUDING A REFERENCE TO THEIR PROFILE. If they have a website link, I go to their website. If not I google their website. I find out a little bit about the business I’m reaching out to to help. I have found something that I can help businesses with and I am offering it to them for free……for now. I was driving from a job site today and the thought occurred to me. This piece of advice I received a little over 48 hours ago, is the very same piece of advice I remember I was told about business when I was a child. I cannot remember who or when I heard it. But I remember hearing it. So to hear it again in this day and age is astounding.


Because NO ONE is doing it. If they are doing it, it carries with it the stench of someone just looking out for themselves and not doing it to help people. I have learn’t so much about businesses in my local area by doing this. I see exactly what they are doing on social media, I see some pain points and I know I can help out.

Now don’t get me wrong, once a business is large enough, using bots is the most efficient way to reach out to new and potential leads. The problem is, everyone comes across as SPAM and not genuine. There is only one way I know of that is genuine with this tactic. It’s physically looking at each businesses and reaching out manually.

Here is a brief overview of my stats in the last 48–72 hours

Day 1: 35 Businesses reached out to I got 1 positive response back. 3 business looked at my message

Day 2: Total of 50 businesses reached and 2 positive responses Back

Day 3: Total of 70 businesses 4 Positive responses back and 1 polite no thank you but I will keep you in mind

Lets break that down further:

Day 1: 100% ROI on lead generation

Day 2 : 200% ROI on lead generation

Day 3: 400% ROI on lead generation

See where I’m going with this?

My Investment was 4 hours worth of work. Now I offered a service for free. But think about how much you could make by employing the same tactic of caring about the people you reach out to instead of how much money you will make. Notice how my figures are 100, 200 and 400%? well I can achieve that because I didn’t outlay any money on advertising. Just my time. On the train, waiting for meetings to begin, to stop myself from falling asleep in meetings, waiting for contractors to turn up on site, going outside for a cigarette, on the toilet, even between loading screen at my desk.

You might sit there and think. That’s all well and good but I don’t have that kind of time. Guess what. Neither do I. You make time. I work a full time job and build Halftime Marketing on the side, I am learning how to play Gridiron and committed to training and doing a video blog and I also provide the service for the businesses I have reached out to and I find time to write this now. What is it that your really spending your time on?

Are you looking for the easy way out?

Heard of the old saying work smarter not harder? Well I’ll leave you with this question to think about. How do you know HOW TO WORK SMARTER when you don’t know WHAT THE HARD WORK IS EXACTLY?

Not saying that anyone doesn’t work hard. My point is this. How can you figure out a better way to do something if you don’t know how to do it the difficult way first?

See You On The Field,