CSSM: Customer Service and Social Media

Every business knows that customers and clients are the life blood for their survival. Both large and small businesses show great customer service, face to face, by phone and by email.

But they all SUCK at customer service in social media

This weekend just gone I audited 100 Facebook pages of businesses that range from massive followings to small followings. From large brick and mortar companies to online and factory outlet store, and all had the exact same problem in common. Poor Customer Service on Social Media – or as I call it CSSA.

These companies have in depth and strict policies when it comes to dealing with customer enquires and complaints, even bomb threats, so how could they be missing out on this great opportunity to connect with there customers at any time they want to? So far I’ve just been pointing out a problem, don’t worry a solution will come.

What these companies tend to do is treat social media like a great big yellow pages or big online garage sale, they are having customers comment on their posts, the customers are asking them questions. So why aren’t they replying? The customers are wanting to interact and yet the businesses seem to be afraid to publish anything on Facebook just in case it offends someone or they don’t have time.

The problem with just doing nothing and trying to stay neutral is that the customers that are in your virtual store browsing are being ignored by the cashier. Essentially that’s the virtual term for it. What would you do if your physical cashier did this to a customer? You would chew them out and read them the riot act yes?

So why is your social media any different? I understand that social media takes a lot of time and hard work to maintain, but with all the agencies out there you have the opportunity to employee these guys and let them handle it. Of course trust comes into it. How can you know for sure that they will provide the same quality of customer service to your customers. My solution is “pick me” haha kidding, sort of but not really.

Anyway, I can only speak for myself and the high standard of customer service I provide to my customers in my day job. Going above and beyond to find ways to make life easier for my customer even if it means going beyond my scope of works. It’s because I care. This is an area I’m so very passionate about as I feel as though this is my core strength when it comes to business and my agency. I want to be able to pass on my high standards to my clients and future clients because social media is more than sales funnels, click through and metrics. People tend to get lost in the tracking aspect of it all and forget about the human component.

The SOCIAL component.

By extending your customer service beyond the realms of your Cisco VOIP solution, office 365 and brand new shop front you gain valuable insights and ROI on time and not money. By engaging with your customer online you can ask them at any time, “How Can I Help You Today?”

You gain Free market research instead of outsourcing it to a company that will cold call your customer while they are trying to eat dinner and spend time with the family. It’s a level playing field. You can ask your customers questions on your time, and in turn they will answer and ask question back in theirs.

So how do you fix your current CSSA issues?

Show the same customer service online as well as offline. Employ someone to answer your customers questions straight away. Within a few minutes ideally or even ask of this service to your current agency. Make sure they don’t just out source this, and if they do make sure they have clear standards to pass on. Personally I like to get to know my clients customers. It gives me a great insight into what kind of content they would like to see. What questions they need answered and what further products or services I could suggest to my client to start stocking or performing…. Within reason of course.

So what’s the ROI?

Heaps mate. Heaps! Not very technical sounding or professional is it?

But if you cannot see the ROI for yourself when dealing with your customers, you’re not going to be in business much longer, or find yourself struggling.

If you believe like I do with my thoughts on Customer Service and Social Media, please share this around. Show it to your boss, show your friend that owns his own business. Because without outstanding customer service, you won’t survive the future. Just my thoughts

See you on the field,


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