Email Number 5: All in on a pair of twos. My journey to get Gary Vee’s Attention.

Hi Gary,

I hope my last 2 emails have you a bit of a laugh. Not quite sure what this email will bring today.

This has started out as a way in which to communicate with you to get your help in learning and ideas on how I can help Americans sports grow in Australia. But now I’m kind of liking the whole posting these emails up to medium.

At the moment I help friends out for free to help them improve their social presence so I can gain experience and help them even more. I’m not looking for a quick monetary gain in all of this. Helping my friend achieve their goals is something I love to do and I’m good at. I’m using a piece of marketing advice a wise wrestler once told me. (Another AJ ISTRIA quote) Queensland Wrestling is all about who can stay in the longest and shout the loudest. My heritage is Croatian. So yes I have a god damn loud voice and I intend to use that train to my fullest capacity. And I’m stubborn as fuck.

What makes me good at helping my friends achieve their dreams is I get into the trenches and do it alongside them. I buy in. I go all in.

This is what I’m basing my Digital Marketing Buisness off. Learning exactly who their customers are. Literally. So far I have worked with a Lawyer that gave me such an opportunity. She has apparently shared the stage with you.

This is a story of how I met her….

I started helping a personal trainer friend of mine out. For years he has been complaining about how he wanted to open up a studio of his own but came up with ever excuse under the sun to postpone it. So his first pain point was lack of confidence. He had been screwed over by a business partner and didn’t think he could do it alone. So I signed up to do my Personal Training Certification Course so that I could be there with him training people. (That in itself is a long story) I started helping him coach his Bootcamp classes. I went to visit him in the supplement store he worked at twice a week to help him vent his ideas and frustrations. Also to give him the good kick up the arse he needed to actually make that next step. He would spend all his time on photoshop designing shit that would never be seen by daylight. He had no idea how to market himself.

This led me down the path I’m on now. I started to learn about social media marketing. I watched all the ads on YouTube Facebook webinars all that crap painting entrepreneurship to be this magic bullet answer. I never bought into that. I researched it for months but to no avail. The social media sea is much like a poker table filled with sharks and people chasing that easy big win. Every single webinar, video was all the same hook marketing crap. In the end I bit the bullet and decided to jump in and try and punch one of these shark on the nose. Being Croatian, staggering odds don’t scare me (that’s another story). So I started to learn from Tai Lopez. Again I didn’t and still don’t buy into the private jet stuff. But he knows more than what I do and gave me an affordable platform to learn from. So I studied and still am studying. The whole time I am thinking of helping my friend get out of that supp store and into a studio of his own.

He did it. A month ago he made that jump. I was so happy for him. I was able to make him see that it was in him this whole time. He just needed someone to be there and say yes you can fucking do it.

During this time one of the tools I used was an app that popped up in my Facebook feed called Folktale. It’s very much like the YouTube director app but I found this one first and enjoyed using it and still use it a lot. I am able to create quick unique content for people and myself the whole time telling a story. I used it for my friend and his engagement sky rocketed (0 likes to 10 like) doesn’t sound like much I know but it was a good stepping stone to learn from. I enjoyed using the app so much I decided to research it a bit more and discovered that they were a startup based in Sydney Australia. So I decided to execute. No ulterior motive or anything like that. I reached out to the founders on LinkedIn and told them how much I loved it and some thing I felt could improve it.

By showing this audacity as you put it I was invited along to a start up Festival called Myriad. This is where I met Katie Richards. I was there helping Folktales promote their app and showed Katie what it could do. this lead me to another opportunity. I asked if there was anything I could do to help her out.

She wanted to give me a shot with Marketing (that’s yet to happen but that’s okay. Patience right?). I did however worked for a day for her organising boxes of files and helping her sort out a mess she had in her office. Not exactly marketing but I was able to help her out none the less so she could focus on her clients.

This whole process has lead me to help out 3 people by this one action. And I fucking love it.

This is what I want to do. This is what I’m doing. I know that the poker table has a full house, a flush, a straight, a royal flush, and 4 aces and all I’ve got is a pair of twos. So fuck it. I’m going all in.

I want to help the people involved with American Sports here in Australia and help create a national league. Hell I want to own one of the teams as well. So I’m doing what I’m good at. Learning on the front lines. I’m playing middle linebacker for the Bayside Ravens Gridiron Club this season.

My question to you is this. What more can I do to help them? How can I learn more about sports marketing? Can I learn from you? Will you help me? And can I help you?

See you on the field,


Halftime Marketing


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