KU Cancer Center’s Resources for Helping Children with Cancer

Residing in Kansas City, Kansas, Jason Lepse is a candidate for a Doctor in Medicine degree from the University of Kansas School of Medicine. In his early years of medical school, Jason Lepse was involved in teaching local middle school students about the human body, and he also was involved with Care For Kids where he comforted young cancer patients when their families couldn’t be at the hospital.

The University of Kansas Hospital and the KU Cancer Center have pediatric oncology and hematology specialists on staff who provide compassionate and effective treatment to young people suffering from blood conditions or cancer. People who are affected with cancer at a young age often require a continuum of care throughout their lives.

Therefore, the KU Kids Healing Place is a division of the Cancer Center that helps young adults seamlessly transition from pediatric care to adult services. The physicians, scientists, and teachers who work with children and young adults to treat their afflictions are committed and motivated to finding cures and improving medical care for children.

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