Whole Body Vibration Machines

Benefits and Drawbacks of Vibration Machines

Loved by some and criticized by others, vibration machines continue to be used in health centers, gyms and beauty salons for their health and fitness benefits. With a whole body vibration machine, one can work their muscles, improve their stamina and overall health state, with minimum time investment.

This is one of the main advantages a WBV platform provides: it allows you to get a thorough workout in only 10-15 minutes a day, and unlike gym sessions, which are paid monthly, a vibration machine is a one-time investment. But are whole body vibration platforms worth the investment? Before you make a decision, take a look at the benefits and drawbacks listed below.

Vibration machines: advantages and disadvantages

1. WBV platforms can help in building a stronger and leaner body

Despite the skeptical attitude toward these fitness tools, a whole body vibration machine can actually be pretty effective in shaping your body, as it works the muscles, increases the heart rate and helps your body burn more calories than it would if the exercises would be performed on the ground.

The machine sends energy waves through your body and these force the muscles to contract and relax faster than normal, so the effect is similar to that of a strength workout. But you also get to sweat a lot if you exercise at a higher frequency, so the more intense the training is, the more impressive results you can get.

Yet, keep in mind that reshaping your body with a WBV platform requires you to actually work while using it, and not just sit on the platform at a low or medium frequency and expect your body to change overnight.

2. Vibration machines improve circulation and lymph flow

This is very helpful for people who tend to retain excessive water, as it prevents the swelling of the legs and reduces feet and ankle pain and cramps caused by prolonged standing or sitting. Also, it’s useful for those who tend to get bloated after drinking larger amounts of water, as the machine stimulates the lymph drainage, helping in the removal of excess fluids and toxins.

By enhancing circulation and implicitly the cell nourishing and oxygenation, WBV platforms can contribute to higher energy levels, better focus and work performance.

3. WBV machines can be used for recovery and rehabilitation

You don’t get to see a lot of people doing rehabilitation exercises at the gym, on classical machines, but with a whole body vibration machine, it’s easier for one to get back to exercising, as the intensity and difficulty of workouts can be increased progressively. Plus, they can be safely used by elders, and are great for active recovery, massage and relaxation as well.

4. Good vibrating platforms can be very expensive

The more powerful a machine is, the more expensive it can be, but if you’re interested in purchasing such a device and do a little research, you’ll see there are also qualitative vibrating platforms at accessible prices.

Still, keep in mind that the price shouldn’t be the first criterion when choosing a fitness device; the acceleration, frequency and power of the machine are a lot more important if you want to get good results with vibration training.