Joe Johnson might very well be the clutchest player of all time.

Joe Johnson has taken a lot of criticism throughout his NBA career. Whether it was not being able to take the Atlanta Hawks far in the playoffs or signing(at the time) the worst contract in history. I think its time to appreciate the work he has put into the game.

As he has been proving during the Utah Jazz vs. Los Angeles Clippers series in the First Round of the 2017 NBA Playoffs, with a pretty floater for the game in Game 1, Johnson has been very dependable in clutch moments in his career. The fact that he is the #1 option for his team in clutch time when Gordon Hayward is on the team is saying something.

According to ESPN, Johnson has hit eight buzzer-beater game winners in the last decade. That is four more than any other player. From his first all-star appearance in 2007 to being a 35 year-old veteran on a rising Jazz team, he has displayed his clutch play greatly. Not to mention the multiple game-tying and go ahead shots he has hit that weren’t buzzer-beaters.

When most people think “clutch” the first names that come to mind are Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Maybe they should be thinking about Joe Johnson now.

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