How the hell did this article make it onto techmene?!

+1 to Michelle. Jim, you say you hope to live in a world where the tech workforce is judged solely by the products and services they put out instead of their appearance but your tone is not helpful and does not suggest you are really making an effort to create that kind of world.

There many barriers for women in technology which is why Rachel is teaching at software development for women exclusively. For hundreds of years, college was only men teaching other men, there’s no reason to get so upset about women teaching other women.

Consider the fact that “for the past two decades, 20 percent of engineering graduates have been women, yet only 11 percent of practicing engineers are women, Fouad said. Compared with other skilled professions such as accounting, medicine and law, engineering has the highest turnover of women.”

Is that a problem with women and their ability or a problem with the engineering culture? I’m inclined

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