Why did you limit this letter to women when there are plenty of guys who have the same issue.
Adam Hempenstall

Hi Adam—thanks for responding to my letter. I agree that men are sometimes passed up for opportunities as well and that deserves to be discussed as well. Perhaps you could write more about that issue if it’s one you care about?

I will say that there are many reasons to believe that women have a widespread disadvantage in the workplace compared to men equally as capable as them, and are judged more harshly for asking for a raise compared to men. This issue is more complex than simply who does or does not speak up. To be honest, I was not familiar with some of these facts a few years ago, but here are some eye-opening findings:

Sources here: https://medium.com/tech-diversity-files/if-you-think-women-in-tech-is-just-a-pipeline-problem-you-haven-t-been-paying-attention-cb7a2073b996#.mnp5fu9tt

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