“Dear manager,
Miroslav Martinovič

Hi Miroslav. You seem angry about this letter. Maybe you feel that there is too much emphasis on “women’s issues” today and that if women just acted “for their own interest” that things would be fine. You say that I am “creating problems”.

I truly wish there wasn’t a problem. I really would like to believe that all men or women have to do is work hard, advocate for themselves, and ask for promotions and raises and if they merited these things, they would receive them.

Unfortunately, from both empirical data (check out my recommended reading) and a very large number of first-hand accounts from women I know and women I have heard the stories of, this is not the case. Certainly there may be some women who throw the word “sexist” at everything, and some women who are not asking for what they deserve. But there are also many, many, many women who are doing everything right and asking for what they deserve and getting denied. And I don’t think that’s fair. That’s why I wrote this letter and that’s why I think managers need to think about these things.

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