I’ll be honest, I only read a handful of paragraphs and quit.

Hi Trevin—I have not lived your life so I won’t comment on your personal experience with women in the workplace. You can choose to extrapolate your own experiences to the rest of the world, but know that your belief that there are 999,999 women who muck things up for every 1 capable woman is a belief has no rational basis.

Here are the facts: far from being treated preferentially, women are frequently treated as being less capable, less hireable, and deserving of less pay than men on the sole basis of their gender — even when everything else about them is 100% the same. That is an enormous problem and part of why I wrote this letter.

Source: https://medium.com/tech-diversity-files/if-you-think-women-in-tech-is-just-a-pipeline-problem-you-haven-t-been-paying-attention-cb7a2073b996#.mnp5fu9tt

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