Bill Mitchell of Your Voice Radio Is Calling For Bannon To Be Fired

Bill Mitchell Has Gone Full Louise Mensch’s 6th Dimension Of Crazy On Bannon

Bill Mitchell is one of those smart guys who can understand polling methodology like a champ and deliver Trump’s message like no other. I followed him during a good portion of the election and up until today. Unfortunately, he seems to be advocating for Trump to dump Bannon. I’ve heard a couple times on his show most of the media reports of the infighting in the White House were just not true. This was from his guests who have contacts in DC. So, knowing what I know from listening to basically everyone of his shows, I found today’s meltdown odd. It gave me a weird vibe from Bill. Below are some screenshots I will comment on from his meltdown today.

The first Tweet, was deleted. I guess we should just shut out our base located near Berkeley because California will never turn red. So, now, according to Bill, we should bow down and bend the knee to terrorist organizations like Antifa. Then we have Bill replying to himself. I think that explains itself and puts a nice theme on this article.

Because it’s not hard to look at some of his advisors and realize they do not stand for and share his agenda and policies. It’s as simple as that. Anything else is looking too far into the issue.

Because we have common sense. We know you need certain advisors in place to make worthless Senators like John McCain happy. We can voice our concern and objections, take to social media, etc, and we should be able to without people like you criticizing us for it. That is our right, we don’t have to be zealots for Trump like you, Bill. We can still support him but we also don’t have to blindly trust him.

Last I checked, the left, the media, and the establishment want him gone. They are openly fabricating all sorts of stories in the news media to discredit him. Even on your show, Bill, one of your guests said there wasn’t even much going on with Kushner and Bannon and that is was blown way out of proportion on purpose.

Right, we all voted for Trump as well. That’s not the issue to the people who want Bannon to stay.

No one but you and the left/media/establishment seem to be saying that. Funny how that works.

This is what started a big part of it. Cernovich was on Periscope and if Bill had watched the clip rather than blindly following The Daily Beast, he would know Cernovich never threatened Trump. Cernovich put the establishment, left, and the media on notice. Their dirty laundry is about to be on full display. This is how out of touch Bill is becoming. Just blind trust and ignorance about the issues. Bill has no idea what Trump’s base wants. He just assumes what the base wants. Here is the clip in question. It is at about 7:30. He said he was going to go after the globalists. Unless I am mistaken, Trump wasn’t included in that. Thanks Bill!

Well, Bill blocked me so I guess I’m fine.

People are not saying they trust Bannon more than Trump. The people that do don’t really understand what they are saying. Bannon represents a true national populist. If Trump gets rid of Bannon, what does that say about the movement Trump ran on to get him elected while continuing to put in more neo-cons into advisory roles? All one has to do is look at the video below to be worried. I put a lot of faith in Trump but if he is being mislead (cough, Iraq), how can he make decisions of his own based on false material?

Again, the only people saying this are basically eggs and people with like 3 followers. This goes back to what Bannon stands for. That is why we want an advisor in the White House who stands up for this kind of a movement.

I thought Bill’s been saying no one can influence Trump? But here we go, Bill is outright calling for a replacement for Bannon. Bannon isn’t the distraction, Trumps media team not responding to the false media reports are the distraction. Trump basically has no media team. Having a few go on some cable news networks every now and again is not a media team getting the message out and pushing back against the false media narratives.

You’re not anti-Bannon? Could have fooled me.

Trump’s agenda is Trump’s agenda. No real people were ever arguing that. Again, random people claiming this is not the point. Like I’ve already said, Bannon represents an entire nationalist movement and Trump removing him and possibly replacing him with someone who’s an establishment pick would be a huge blow to the movement about #MAGA.

Trump was on Bannon’s radio show many times. Maybe Bill doesn’t know who Bannon is because he never paid any attention. Possibility he never looked at Breitbart. Maybe Bill thought it was #FakeNews.

More going full out shill mode to get Bannon removed. While Bannon did help at the end, he wasn’t the main source who got Trump elected. People who would claim this are just ignorant. But Bill making the case that Bannon is not needed is just ignorant and disingenuous of him.

Just Bill posting this story for the umpteenth time going full on shill mode for Trump. It really does seem like Bill has gone Louise Mensch’s 6th dimension of insane here. Those who have paid attention to everything going on with this “infighting” know it’s fluff and noise. Kushner and Bannon are not in a huge feud. But the left and the media want to keep pushing this false narrative. Bill Mitchell has single-handedly fell into the trap of the left/establishment and the media who want Bannon gone. He is a direct threat to what their goals are and that is why they continue to push false narratives about him.

I will close with this last Tweet. I’m fairly confident he isn’t being too objective here and is pushing an agenda to remove Bannon. Bill has now gone full Louise Mensch with his rant today. This was a bit too out of character for him knowing what’s been said on his show and how he’s always been talking about the #FakeNews and how they’ve tried to push so many false narratives. It doesn’t fit at all with what he’s been saying this entire time. Maybe Bill just dislikes Bannon but he can’t be too objective at that point. Who knows. All I know is Bill probably burned a lot of bridges today who will not forget this. I can now say, I am off Bill Mitchell’s train. He was charging way too much for tickets anyway.

Update: Looks like going full shill mode didn’t help much.