CNN Lies, Media Corruption, And The Future of Journalism and News

Journalism is dead when it comes to the mainstream media.

Jun 29, 2017 · 5 min read

Journalism is dead at this point. It’s not a shock that the mainstream media pushes specific coverage or ignores certain topics for ratings, ad revenue, and clicks. The problem is when you’re making up information or purposely ignoring context of something you’re covering to further an agenda. We see it everyday in the mainstream media. It’s a sad time for journalism if you work for any of the major news outlets.

I still can’t find a single article on CNN about the violence committed against the right. Why? Does it go against a narrative they’ve been trying to push for the longest time? Yes. CNN’s own Sally Kohn is a perfect example. She continues to blame the right for violence while talking about the Alexandria shooting. She can’t just acknowledge someone from the left did something bad, she had to continue to make sure to frame it in such a way, it was viewed as not a big deal. I wrote about her post here. She’s always a classy one, let me tell you.

CNN also staged a protest so they could film it in the best possible atmosphere. It isn’t to say the event didn’t happen, but CNN had to make sure to bring those from the protest over to frame it the best way possible. Why? Why do they have to be dishonest rather than just walk up to the people protesting and talk to them? Snopes, the left-leaning fact checking site even lied about it. You can read about that here.

Then, to try and top that, three staffers were forced to resign over completely fabricating a Russian “collusion” story about a Trump ally (Anthony Scaramucci) and someone who helped with the transition.

“CNN said it retracted the story because the information was not “solid enough” to publish. The network did not cite any factual errors or mistakes in the piece.” Except CNN lied when they made the statement. Scaramucci hired a law firm and threatened CNN with a $100 million lawsuit.

Another example is the Washington Post in my article. It wasn’t hard for me to debunk their sources. They first tried to say Rosenstein threatened to resign, he did not. They tried to say Comey requested additional funding through the DOJ, he did not. DOJ refuted that Rosenstein threatened to resign. Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe refuted that Comey requested additional funding stating they had adequate funding and that they would not request it from the DOJ but from Congress. No retractions. No updates.

Then we have the big lie coming from the New York Times. Prior to this main NYTimes article, the Russian collusion story was kind of iffy. You just had what the Clinton campaign was saying to blame Trump and a few minor stories linking him to Putin in some ridiculous way. But then comes in the NYTimes stating: “Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence.” That’s pretty damning. It drove the overwhelming majority of the news stories on this topic. Too bad it was all fake. Former FBI Director James Comey refuted the entire story while the NYTimes editors doubled down and said they stand by their sources. Check out my response to it here.

I could go on and list example after example but I think you get the point.

Finally, we have James O’Keefe and Project Veritas with their American Pravda series exposing the corrupt media and how they lie. Like I said, it’s not much of a surprise they do things for ratings but pushing a fake narrative due to ratings, that’s completely different. That is instructing your entire network to stop reporting on other issues to cover another topic with no substance. What happens when there’s no substance? You have to make it up. I would encourage everyone to watch the first video here and the second here.

This graph illustrates why this road we’re going down is troubling.

It’s one thing if what you do is reaction/opinion, it’s another thing when you’re presenting the news and you’re supposed to be objective but decide to lie. When you’re there to report on news, you can add whatever spin you want. That’s normal and everyone does it. But don’t purposely leave out important context or make it up. That is what our current media does right now.

New media is taking over. Whether you like it or not, new media and alternative media is becoming more and more popular. People are tired of the mainstream media and their trust is at an all-time low. If things don’t change, this image will be the future of journalism with the mainstream media and press. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Some major overhauls with how the press operates are in order. I think that if James O’Keefe and Project Veritas continue to expose the media for what they really are, you will see the FCC and even the FTC get involved. When media outlets knowingly lie, fabricate information, and leave out context to push an agenda while deceiving their viewers, we are moving down a dangerous road. Whether it is all for ratings or just sedition, it needs to stop and it needs to be investigated. My hope is that these outlets get exposed for all to see and it looks like we will be getting that.

I will leave with these videos about why I’m so pissed at our media refusing to cover specific topics when it comes to the Russian hacking narrative. Being a tech guy, it frustrates me to no end. Yes, I am even talking about Fox News with their refusal to even mention important aspects like what John McAfee mentions. This would actually help their case but they refuse to mention it.

Then this video:

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