James Comey’s Nothing Burger Bursting At The Seams

Today was a huge blow to democrats along with Comey and Lynch.

Boy, what a morning! James Comey’s testimony is anything but a nothing burger. We all thought it would be and we were proved wrong. It was a great day! Well, not so great if you are former Attorney General Loretta Lynch or James Comey. I’m going to provide several clips and commentary with what I found most troubling about this testimony today.

“The Attorney General [Lynch] had directed me to not call it an investigation but instead a matter…”

Another video on this same topic.

That’s a pretty big statement seeing as how he denied any kind of obstruction of justice in his experience.

If we take both clips and then add in what he said on May 3rd, did former FBI Director James Comey just commit perjury?

Comey admits neither Trump nor his staff asked the FBI to drop the Russian interference investigation.

Comey admits no investigation of any kind on Trump.

Comey confirms stories from the NYTimes and possibly others (Washington Post, eh eh?) are “dead wrong.”

Comey confirming he leaked his memo to a friend in order to leak it to the press.

Except here he admits some memos were written on a government device.

In that CSPAN clip, he states he wrote the memo on a secure laptop but also wrote memos on government devices.

So, these are the main takeaways I took from this hearing. The most important, in my opinion, is that Trump was not and is not under any kind of investigation. It is now public record. I say public record because we never had any direct confirmations from the FBI about these investigations. The rest are big but we never “officially” had on the record statements from the FBI.

Loretta Lynch had instructed Comey to classify that an investigation was in fact not an investigation and he complied. She wanted him to downplay the investigation. He did not report this to anyone and kept it to himself. He broke the law. We must also not forget Comey’s testimony from May 3rd where he did a complete 180 from today.

Comey confirmed what we already knew, the news media frequently reports fake news. They fabricate their sources and lie to force a narrative favorable to garnish more ad revenue and clicks.

One of the bigger issues I look at is Comey leaking information to the press. It’s already been confirmed that he leaked the memo to the press prior to Trump’s tweet so his testimony on that is false. Lied under oath again!

One of the other obscure pieces of information is that he wrote these memos on government issued devices. We don’t know if he wrote all of them on a government issued device but if the government provided him a phone, unsecure and/or secured laptop/computer, etc, he is not allowed to take information off of them. If he wrote any memo on them and took them for the purposes of safekeeping or leaking, he stole government documents.

What I find most troubling is that the senators there did not grill Comey more on the obstruction from Lynch and whether he took government documents from a government issued device in order to leak it to the press. Those are the two bigger issues I just don’t get why they didn’t press him further on. Shows how ridiculous our elected officials are.

In closing, here is Trump’s attorney. If you watch the video, you will note his lawyer accuses Comey of lying repeatedly under oath. It’s been a good day.