Johnny DeStefano — The Man That Holds The Power In The White House

We Will Find Out Who Holds The Power Come Monday/Tuesday. Will Johnny NeverTrump DeStefano Come Out The Victor Or Trump?

I always thought Reince was Swamp Thing but I guess the head honcho was the Director of Presidential Personnel, Johnny DeStefano.

You like my 1-star quality skills, don’t you?

This Monday or Tuesday, the purge (From Mike Cernovich) is set to happen unless Trump does something on this front. I always thought others were the problem but I never realized DeStefano, the guy in charge of recruiting, was the one dragging his feet while appointing neocons, democrats, and just about anyone who dislikes Trump. DeStefano is a bad apple for any organization. He is the kind of person that spreads like a cancer from within. He is your insider threat bringing in more insider threats. Either he is dealt with immediately, or you may never recover from it. Being in IT, insider threats are the most dangerous. Not some outside source breaking in, but someone on the inside either doing something by accident or (in the case of this article) doing something on purpose to harm your organization.

I don’t think DeStefano is the one orchestrating it but he is the one in charge. His entire career has been working for neocons and the establishment right. More “loyalists” need to be put in place. I say loyalist for a reason. Those being put in place right now do not support Trump’s agenda. They don’t support his policies. They want to try and undermine him at every turn. Now, I’m not saying everyone fits this category, but those against him will soon be the majority in his administration if something doesn’t change. You either support him or you don’t. If you don’t support him, why are you there? To push whatever agenda that is anti-Trump/Populism.

Trump didn’t get elected to play nice and try and appoint people from both sides. He wants to drain the swamp. You can’t drain the swamp when your entire administration is filled up with snakes and you continue to dump more in. You can’t play nice with the establishment picks. You need to find people who directly support your agenda or they should be removed. Very simple. Those who need to be appointed by the Senate? You fight for them tooth and nail. You call out and go after establishment republicans who do not support you. Trump won under the Republican ticket. They can either support him or leave (looking at you, McCain). Trump is not hitting hard enough against the establishment who just want to undermine him.

We’ve seen first hand what the crumbling of the foundation looks like. That is what’s going on right now. The foundation is starting to break away and it will eventually fall. Swamp Thing and his friend, Reince, made sure to shove as much in the swamp right under Trump’s eyes. I still find it funny that Helen Aguirre Ferre, Jeb Bush staffer and NeverTrump founder was hired as his Director of Media Relations. She is the perfect example of someone who should NEVER be hired to serve within his administration. We even have Craig Phillips, who raised $100k for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Why? Who cares if he is good at what he does, he fights for the wrong team. You don’t bring insider threats into your administration. This isn’t some random business, this is the White House.

Who is advising Trump? Is he being advised? I find it hard to believe DeStefano is doing this all by himself and Trump just ignores it or has no idea. I will leave it to this article from CNBC: This latest Trump-Russia leak smells like a coup attempt. When CNBC writes this kind of an article, you know something bad is going on and people like DeStefano are ground zero.

Here is a great quote that explains it all from the always trusted Washington Post: “ He had no experience in executive searches before this. Most presidents have their personnel chiefs in place months before the election. He wasn’t on board until late January…” My opinion on that is Reince. Why would you hire someone with no experience in executive recruiting? You wouldn’t unless it was a political appointee to serve an agenda.

In closing, I want someone like DeStefano out. I want a lot more out but he is a very good start. I even have a perfect candidate to replace him. Bill Mitchell. Why Bill? Simple, he has worked as an executive recruiter and he is Trump’s #1 cheerleader. Why the hell would you not want someone like that hiring for your administration? Now, I don’t follow Bill anymore (I’ve written hit pieces on him), but seeing as how he shares what Trump wants to the letter, will fight for him, AND has executive recruiting experience, how would he not be the perfect fit?