Portland Attacker Jeremy Christian Was A Bernie Supporter

The media is blaming this attack on Trump Supporters

Update: In case people don’t believe he orchestrated a psyop against Trump supporters, he literally said that was his objective.

Update: I wanted to include the video of him being removed from the rally the media keep saying he attended. Those who put on the rally did not want him there due to who he was and what he stood for.

The attack comes as Portland has weathered rising tensions between groups with fiercely opposing views, including white nationalists, right-wing extremists, anarchists and so-called left-wing “antifascists,” known as the “antifa.” These groups have been colliding with increasing frequency across the country since the election last fall of President Trump — especially in cities regarded as liberal. In April, Berkeley, Calif., was the scene of riots as protests and counter-protests swirled around planned appearances of conservative commentator Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos, a former Breitbart News editor.

Except he was a Bernie supporter. This guy has some serious mental health problems. After reading these posts, it’s very clear of that. It’s just disgusting outlets like the Washington Post link him back to Trump and Trump supporters. Rather than call this what it is, a terrorist attack, they say it was an attack from a white nationalist, right-wing extremist, etc. I even have a post from Jeremy where he stated he could not vote for Trump and rather abstained from voting. It would be nice to not be lumped into the same category as people like Jeremy who need some much needed mental help.

These are all taken from his Facebook page.