TPI Q&A with Founders: #4 — Marcos Araujo, Esportudo

As part of The Players’ Impact Blog, we like to have periodic Q&A sessions with awesome people building new companies. I was interested in learning more about sports tech outside of the US, so sat down with Marcos Araujo, Founder and CEO of Esportudo, Here we go, Marcos…I’ll Q, you A…

1. OK, Marcos, what’s your background? Tell us about what you are working on:

I am a first generation American Brazilian who grew up in Marlborough, MA. I studied Finance at UMass Amherst, worked in Sales and Marketing and have been a massive sports fan all my life.

I am working on changing the way fans in LatAm engage and consume sports media.

Photo credit: | @tylerrossbouchard

2. Why are you so passionate about this space? What are the big things you want to change in the industry? Why is now a good time for this?

I have been a sports fanatic all my life. Sports allowed me to connect with my family and friends and taught me life lessons along the way.

I want to change how content gets delivered to fans and how they consume it. I want to make “so so” fans into die hard fans, and die hard fans into sports savants through knowledge and content.

The Sports industry is always “good” because no matter what people will love their teams. The technology that we are creating today makes it the best time for us to introduce Esportudo to LatAm.

3. What’s it like working on a company where all your customers are in another country?

It is one of our biggest challenges today. Although all of our products are digital and it is easy to reach our market, I do wish I could walk down the street and tell everyone I see to check out our platform, or even ask them market research questions. On the other end, it has made us extremely proficient in our digital campaigns. It has given us hands on experiences that we now offer to our partner brands.

4. Can you tell us about some of the early successes you are personally proud of? What have you done to drive growth and user satisfaction?

Early on, we were pumped when we first hit 10k followers on Instagram, or the first time a writer told us they wanted to join our team. Recently, hitting 1 million monthly page views and reaching 250k social media followers.

5. How about challenges to date?

Keeping up with new opportunities that arise due to our team’s current bandwidth.

6. For folks not in the industry, what are a few things we should know about and how are you trying to solve them?

Almost every single person in the world has a passion for sports. To many, sports are a way for them to be entertained, stay fit, get motivated, escape reality, meet people and more. We are helping these people reach what they love most about sports faster and easier.

7. Since we are a group of athlete investors and entrepreneurs, who is your favorite athlete (past or present) and why?

I have two favorites! Michael Jordan and Ronaldinho. Jordan motivates me to work harder and harder everyday. Always aim to being the best, and even when you are considered the best, to always keep your spot at the top. I used to watch “Michael Jordan to the Max” every week as a child. Ronaldinho showed me that passion is all you need to succeed and to always be yourself, plus he’s a World Cup and Libertadores winner for my favorite teams.

8. Nice! What player most excites you today?


9. As an entrepreneur, what are your words of wisdom to athlete entrepreneurs in TPI?

There is so much room for improvement in the sports vertical and the sports world is ever changing. Stay on the lookout for the teams that know how to adapt and change how fans engage their passion for sports.

10. In one emoji, characterize your life as an entrepreneur:

11: Love it. Looking ahead, where do you see Esportudo in 5 years?

As the number one source for sports media in LatAm and expanding into other regions of the world.

Cap tip to Marcos for his fun and insightful answers to our questions. Please note, The Players’ Impact is not currently an investor in Esportudo — we are sharing their story for the “love of the game.” Check out @Esportudo and leave a comment here!