Social Media Doesn’t Work

Social media doesn’t work. This is what I was told the other day — and I agree. It doesn’t work. Social media doesn’t work if you are using it to mow your lawn, talk to your wife or teach your kid how to dance.

A wise man once told me, “if you want better answers, you need to ask better questions.”

You can’t ask, “Does social media work?” That is too vague. If you go into it thinking social media will solve all your business problems, you’re going to be disappointed.

If your marketing strategy is framed around this vague question, and a belief that social media would magically fix things, here’s what might happen.

You had your daughter create a business page. After all, she was born with a phone. You post once a day … a plan which lasts for about 5 days. Then your activity dropped off. You covered the big holidays, with fun images and catchy phrases — “Happy New Year. Woot Woot.” “Looking for that leprechaun … have a great Saint Patty’s day,” and of course, “Happy Birthday America!”

That’s as far as you got. With that approach, I would quit too. You’ll wind up with a few friends and family members who like your page and little to no valuable engagement or interaction to help your business. You have better things to do with your time and social media is not working.

Before you have your daughter create your page, (and you might want to rethink that, unless she also designed your sign, logo and brand) you need to ask better questions.

Here are some better questions to ask.

Will social media sell trust?

YES! Your prospective customers have to pay you with trust first, before they pull out their wallet. When you constantly give them value through your expertise, stories from clients, deals and promotions, and a peek behind the curtain of your business — you slowly build that trust.

Will social media help people find my business?

YES! There are many factors as to why this is true. Here are a few. Your search power (how high you show up when people Google, “leaky sink, I need a plumber for under $100 dollars …” is based on the credibility of your business. How relevant is your business to this question?

Sharing the right content on social media builds your relevance. Posting what you had for breakfast or the latest coupons, won’t cut it. It has to be content that is strategic and uniquely you. Contact me if you have questions about that.

Will social media make my phone ring?

YES! Social media is your phone. People are using it to communicate with businesses; they ask questions, find out if you are open and see what others think about you and your services. This is like a telephone on steroids. If you use it as a direct line to potential customers and you are friendly and professional and real — your phone will ring.

Will social media teach my kid to dance?

Yes, actually. After watching this video a few times you can book your ticket to Dancing With the Stars.

There are other questions you should be asking. This is a good starting place.

Social media is not a silver bullet. It won’t solve all your problems, but it is a direct way to talk with prospective customers. Do you like talking to potential customers?

With the right strategy in place and a consistent content plan that focuses on your potential customers’ pain points, social media can work. It does.

I have to go. Time for my dancing lesson. CLICK.

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