Forthcoming Christopher Nolan “In-” Movies

Insomnia, Inception, Interstellar… what’s next?


a middle class man learns to use 100% of his brain power which enables him to travel through time, but since he’s always traveling through time, he is absent from every event in the present, and he never gets to meet his twins, a son and daughter that he fathered, until the end of the movie when he stops traveling through time, and he meets his son in the future (played by Michael Caine)


a director, who makes stop-motion films and spends so much time in the studio doing what the producer (played by Michael Caine) tells him to do, soon finds his pregnant wife divorcing him, and in a fit of lonely and recently-divorced frustration, recreates his family in a stop-motion film to relive his memories and try to resurrect his fledgling movie career, but when the stop-motion-doll-family comes to life, the director is sucked into his own film, becoming a stop-motion doll himself, and when his real daughter is born and becomes a toddler, she later finds the dolls, and likes to play with all of them except for the doll version of the director, who’s her father


space travelers visit a far-away galaxy, and inhabit a distant planet in the search for life, but the planet turns out to be a living thing itself (voiced by Matt Damon), which steals the life-force from all inhabitants to fuel its own life-force, fortunately the lead space traveler escapes and finds his way home to see his children, but when he gets back, he and his only surviving son (played by Michael Caine) have to get to know each other


after an inventor discovers how to reanimate dead tissue as well as grow tissue, he loses control of the tissue research, which becomes self-sufficient and self-replicating, eventually taking over his lab, and humankind, but when the inventor finally discovers how to stop the uncontrollable tissue with the help of his former college professor (played by Michael Caine), he learns that he has to kill himself since it was his DNA that gave the tissue life, thus leaving both of his children as orphans, to be cared for by his college professor (played by Michael Caine)


a man, who is really a bodiless spirit, commits heinous acts of crime by inhabiting the bodies of other people so he’s never seen and subsequently never caught, all while his children wait for him in an invisible limbo between Earth and the netherworld, guarded by a dark overlord (played by Matt Damon), who will free them all once he’s committed enough crimes for the dark overlord, but when the man inhabits the body of a priest (played by Michael Caine), he learns about all of the evil he’s committed, and lives out the rest of his life in the body of the priest, and his children become the property of the dark overlord (played by Matt Damon)


scientists create artificial intelligence (AI) that assists humankind with every possible task humans can already do themselves, but eventually the AI (voiced by Michael Caine) takes over humanity because we grow stupid and lazy from letting technology do everything for us, the story concludes with us meeting the lead scientist’s children, themselves Luddites living on a desolate island somewhere in the North Atlantic, who as the only two people surviving the AI’s takeover, must repopulate the planet, but one of the scientists (played by Matt Damon) finds the children, and attempts to kill them because he is actually a robot created by the AI


a brilliant physicist, who works for the US government and partners with a UK technologist (played by Michael Caine), discovers a way to cloak military hardware, but the physicist accidentally makes himself invisible during a routine lab experiment, and as he searches for a way to become visible again, longs for his children to see him for who he is, a loving and devoted parent, only the President of the United States (played by Matt Damon) raises them as his own


a librarian searches for a mystical book, said to be a doorway to another time, another place, and a world of immortals, but his search is all for naught, and we learn that the librarian has been alive since the year 1501, an immortal himself, longing to get back to 1501 to see the children that his father-in-law (played by Michael Caine) has been caring for


a hypochondriac, who wants to feel better about himself and avoid anxiety, visits a therapist (played by Michael Caine) who uses hypnosis to teach him about his fear of being sick, only the hypochondriac gets trapped in a constant state of hypnosis, and never gets to be with his children ever again since he’s stuck in a comatose state

Ingender (sic)

a government agent hunts for a ruthless female mercenary who has been assassinating top-ranking officials, and with the help of an old, soon-to-retire agent (played by Michael Caine), the two track down the mercenary, who really is the agent played by Michael Caine dressed in drag (a nod to another cross-dressing role of Michael Caine’s, Brian DePalma’s Dressed to Kill)


a team of mercenaries are sent back in time to assassinate one of history’s most vile criminals (played by Michael Caine), but they soon learn that they had been brainwashed back in the present by the real bad guys who were lead by a ruthless villain (played by Matt Damon), and the person they thought was a criminal (Michael Caine), is really the lead mercenary’s grandfather, who invented the technology that eventually gets used to make their time machine later on in the future


scientists search for a way to cure a new, highly contagious, and extremely life-threatening disease that has infected Patient-X (played by Michael Caine), but since the research is so dangerous, and since nobody is willing to assist them, they must conduct all testing on themselves, and when the lead scientist’s daughter volunteers to be a test subject for a possible cure, he faces the possibility of killing her but preventing the disease from spreading to the rest of the human race


a talented musician creates a never-before heard pitch, that when heard, renders its listener immobile, frozen without any control of their body, and since he generated the noise while playing music in his home studio, his family heard this tone and is frozen, but with the help of his former mentor (played by Michael Caine), he searches for a way to unfreeze his family, accompanied by a menacing — but at times beautiful — Hans Zimmer score


a former pilot, who is one of the few survivors after an apocalyptic war devastated much of the planet, searches for his wife and children with the help of a wise homeless man (played by Michael Caine) who also survived the aftermath, and as the two roam the desolate wasteland, the trek wears down and weakens the homeless man, who soon dies, leaving the pilot alone with the homeless man’s cart, and the pilot pushes the homeless man’s possessions all over the desolate landscape, until many years later, and as an old man himself, he finds his children, who are now older and skeptical of the homeless man, who they cannot believe is their own father