Overlooked Golden Globe Categories

Best Use of Snapple in a Scene That Did Not Warrant Flavored, Sugary Tea

Best Ensemble Cast of Has-Been Movie Actors in a Sitcom, Most of Whom May Have Taken the Job to Pay Alimony or Child Support or Both, or Maybe They Just Like the 9-to-5-ish Schedule a Television Show Provides

Unfunniest Writing by a Former Simpsons Scribe

Best Host, Who Was Actually Funny, from Another Award Show

Most Attractive Cast in a Comedy Television Series

Least Attractive Cast in a Feature Length Comedy Film

Best Documentary That Made You Cry

Best Jack Nicholson: awarded to actor or actress who whether they know it or not, is channeling Jack Nicholson in a role

Best Meryl Streep: awarded to Meryl Streep annually