Passion = Time + Energy

I define passion as time plus energy.

Passion isn’t a thing. It’s a state of doing. Passion comes and goes because how you choose to spend your time and resources will change.

When you stop devoting time or stop devoting energy or both to a person, project or idea, you are by my definition no longer have passion for it.

Stop looking for passion.

You don’t find it. Passion is your state of being when your interests is given time and energy.

Want to feel more satisfied or happy? Determine what your interests are. Choose one interest and devote time and energy to it. You’ll feel and see something change within you. And understand as you explore your interest with passion, you may naturally come to realize you no longer want to give the time or have the energy to pursue it. This means you no longer are passionate about it.

This is okay. You now have the opportunity to devote time and energy to another interest, and let that run its course.

You can have many passions but you’re only truly passionate about things you invest in. Investing your most valuable resource (your time and energy).

Don’t know what you’re interested in? Expand your experiences by meeting new people, reading books, listening to others and taking classes. The more you expose yourself to new people, experiences and ideas, the more you discover interests. Interests that you devote your time and energy into allows you to live a passionate life.

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