A house divided shall not stand!

What is one of the biggest problems in our churches in America today? It’s a question we like to ask and try to answer quite often! But let’s maybe put it in a little different perspective.

As the body of Christ we are ONE church. The body of Christ! I understand denominations and the need for them! We have different ways of worship and I’m not knocking that! The problem I do have is the division that is so prevalent in our churches. Instead of edifying and uplifting other churches and their members we tend to view churches that aren’t our own as “the enemy”!

That notion is sooooooo false! Other Christ believing and worshipping churches are our allies! Regardless of Bible version, music, denomination etc., if they follow Christ we are one and the same!

I’ve grown up in a conservative baptist church my whole life. We call ourselves independent since we don’t associate with any other baptist group including IFB. I got to one of the most conservative Christian colleges in America. You would think that even in a church or a conservative school that there wouldn’t be division. Unfortunately you would be wrong!! Division amongst fellow Christians seems to almost always arise from “standards” that don’t come from the Bible, i.e. Music, bible version, denomination, etc. not that any of those are wrong to have standards on, because I have my own, but is it wrong to break fellowship or not worship with other believers because their stance on something that the Bible doesn’t directly talk about.

Heres my point, if the Bible sets a clear standard on something such as, homosexuality, then that is a non arguable point. Regardless of how you feel the Bible has some things that are set in stone! But something like music or Bible versions aren’t mentioned in the Bible. So what if someone doesn’t have the same belief as you in something not found in the Bible? I say agree to disagree and then do what the Bible commands, love each other, pray for each other, and edify each other!

If we spent as much time witnessing to the lost world as we did arguing about music, denominations, and Bible versions the world would be impacted immensely for Christ!!

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