Would Bernie Sanders have survived under Medicare For All?

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Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders suffered a heart attack while on the campaign trail. Although he admitted he was “dumb” for ignoring symptoms, he quickly went to Twitter to tout Medicare For All.

“None of us know when a medical emergency might affect us. And no one should fear going bankrupt if it occurs. Medicare for All!” — Bernie Sanders via Twitter:

The question we must ask, though, is whether or not Medicare For All would have saved him?

We often hear about wait times and waiting lists under government-run single-payer healthcare schemes, so a quick search for “medicare for all wait times waiting lists” in Google provides an interesting look.

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The first article is from the Democrat Socialists of America and what follows are a host of articles warning about wait times and waiting lists of other socialized government run healthcare systems around the world.

Am I surprised by this? Yes, I am. Not because reports, studies, surveys, and articles from across the globe admit socialized healthcare schemes ruled by central planners leads to reduced options, but I’m shocked because even a company as powerful as Google bent on skewing search results couldn’t hide the Truth.

According to an article at FoxBusiness.com, “Medicare-for-all could increase patient wait times, reduce access to care — CBO”

Likewise, this Forbes.com article reports “Nearly a quarter of a million British patients have been waiting more than six months to receive planned medical treatment from the National Health Service, according to a recent report from the Royal College of Surgeons. More than 36,000 have been in treatment queues for nine months or more.”

The UK’s national health agency actually decides what procedures are of “limited clinical value” where patients can be denied care based on a number of factors.

You see, it’s their decision, not yours and not that of your doctor. Once the state is your provider, and once you give the state decision-making power over your health, it’s no longer a decision between you and your doctor. It’s their decision. And how will the central planners decide? It won’t be about you and your life and your family, it will be about your age, the cost to the government (the taxpayers), the availability of doctors (once the laws of supply and demand are fully destroyed), and the availability of technology and life-saving tools (once the laws of opportunity, risk, investment, and entrepreneurship are destroyed by inneficient government bureacrats). If you have a heart attack at age 78, while you’ve ignored symptoms along the way, they will determine whether or not saving your life is worth it.

If Bernie Sanders wins the Presidency, turning 79 years old next September 8, 2020, he will be the oldest elected to preside over the Executive Branch of government in our nation’s history.

With his age, Bernie qualifies for Medicare today, but under a Medicare For All scheme, where every American citizen (and those here illegally according to preference of some candidates) is covered, there are procedures many his age may not receive.

As President, I’m sure the central planners would deem his treatment a “high clinical value.” But would every 79 year old fare so well? According to history and reports of these government-run healthcare schemes around the world, probably not.

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