For the Love of Humanity (a poem)

I had

A dream

That turned into

A nightmare

An aspiring politician

A real estate mogul

Snuck out

One horrific


San Francisco night

And quietly

With silencer

Put a bullet

In the head

Of all

The city’s homeless

While everyone

Was sleeping

The fire department

The blue wall of silence

Mobilized quietly

Without sirens

Opened fire hydrants

Turned on fire hoses


To wash away the bodies

To wash away our sins

By 3am

The water was

Waste high

On Market Street

The cardboard boxes

The shopping carts

The loose change

The people

All floated downhill


Past Old Navy

Past the Powell Street cable cars

Past the happily sleeping tourists

By 6am

The water was

6 feet high

The tide

The wave

Of those




Had increased

In strength

A physical and

A spiritual force

A current

Like no other

Rushing to the East

Slamming through

The Ferry Building

Pouring the Dreamers


Baptized and

Buried by

The Bay

By the time


Professional commuters

Arrived for work

The scene was dry

Covered up

As they emerged

From beneath

The ground

They had an eerie feeling

That something

Was different

That something

Had happened

That they could not place


A middle-aged

Protestant woman

Stopped in her tracks

In front of Carl’s Junior

Staring up and down

Market Street

She began to tremble

Deep down

In her bones

She had a vision

Of the tragedy

Of the cleansing

The night before

She dropped

To her knees

She began crying

She began wailing

Oh God!


For the Love of Humanity!

She had created

A pitiful scene


Moments later

The founder

Of a tech start-up

A confident and smug

Mark Zuckerberg wannabe

Walked by briskly

And dropped

A crumpled dollar bill

At her feet

She looked up


In anguish


His face

For meaning

For eye contact

But his eyes

And soul

Were averted

He hadn’t truly

Seen her

He was just

Going about

His day

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