Tip #2: Cook a large meal and divide it up into smaller meal sizes and freeze them. Good comfort food like Lasagne, Stews, Casseroles etc are great for this purpose. Saves you heaps of time later if you need a quick meal — just defrost and heat.
#Hacks For New Dads (Investing in Breastfeeding — a father’s guide)
GW Cook

Breastfeeding and the father journey

I was a new father at one time, and now that my wife and I have a second little one, I still feel like a new father at times. One thing rings true for me from the article I read above, learning to cook was the best help I could do for my family during the early breastfeeding stages. Nourishment stands out above everything, and that helps your new child in the long run as well. Mommy needs her nourishment to supply for herself and the child. I always enjoyed cooking on the grill, like most men do, but there was a learning curve for me beyond the grill. Messy Foodie was born so to speak. The name thought of by my wife because of the amount of dishes I created during my cooking journeys. But my theory, as long as the food tasted good in the end that out weighed my my “messiness” along the way. Over time my cooking began to expand, and so will yours as a new father. Take it as your own, learn it, master it, and cooking meals will be a life changing journey for you and your new family.