You have to be kidding.
Bob Jacobson

Number of gun owners has declined by a view percentage points but is still north of 50,000,000 or so. At this rate we’ll be disarmed sometime in the year 2631.

Trump has no connection with the right wing groups you described, but even if he did, let’s consider the “threat”

With regard to the Oath Keepers (if that is the far right group to which you are referring), even their own ridiculously inflated numbers put their “membership” at 30,000 or so, nationwide. This is nonsense and is probably more like 3 or 4 thousand, if that. And as far the terrifying KKK, when they win a single seat in the house or a state legislature, I may take their “threat” seriously. Even the alarmist Southern Poverty Law Center estimates total membership at just 5–8 thousand.

In other words, these groups are bullsh!t.

Now if you are concerned about soft oppression, like surveillance, etc., that is an overarching problem created by technology. For instance, the popularization of body cameras came as a direct result of short-sighted Black Lives Matter activists demanding more police accountability. Instead, we now have surveillance devices installed on every officer, which conveniently fail whenever they do something oppressive. We must address the threat of ubiquitous surveillance in the government AND with regard to the tracking devices we have become addicted to for the sake of modern convenience.

I don’t know what you’re talking about re: job discrimination, and I reject the notion that the U.S. is a one-party nation. Hillary Clinton did have a majority popular vote, after all.

As for your last point, are you really arguing that the incoming president-elect, the most unpopular incoming president in history, threatens to envelop our society in a “shared love” for him?

I am not advocating apathy, but vigilance should not devolve into creative worrying about fictional threats.

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