2016 Fantasy Football Draft Preview

The 2016 football season is just five weeks away, and just as important as the season itself, is fantasy football. Fantasy sports have blown up with popularity the last couple years because they give fans a chance to be their own General Managers and be in control. With fantasy football drafts looming, here is my analysis and top 20 QBs, 30 RBs, and 40 WRs.


Analysis: Aaron Rodgers headlines my quarterback list. With the tandem of consistent Randall Cobb and potential comeback player of the year Jordy Nelson returning from a season ending injury last year, Rodgers is certain to have a record-breaking year from a statistical standpoint. What round you take New England Patriot QB Tom Brady is determined by how much you value the first 4 games of the season. He is my second best QB barring the suspension. An underrated QB who I believe is poised for a breakout year is Jaguars QB Blake Bortles. QBs no.10–16 on my list all bring the same thing. A consistent game. You can’t go wrong taking one of them in the later rounds if you’re looking to stock up on skill players in the first rounds.

My top fantasy quarterback Aaron Rodgers unleashing a pass towards one of his Green Bay Packer teammates.

Top 20 QBs List

  1. Aaron Rodgers
  2. Cam Newton
  3. Tom Brady (not considering 4 game suspension)
  4. Ben Roethlisburger
  5. Drew Brees
  6. Russel Wilson
  7. Andrew Luck
  8. Carson Palmer
  9. Blake Bortles
  10. Eli Manning
  11. Andy Dalton
  12. Matthew Stafford
  13. Philip Rivers
  14. Matt Ryan
  15. Tony Romo
  16. Derek Carr
  17. Kirk Cousins
  18. Ryan Tannehill
  19. Joe Flacco
  20. Brock Osweiler

Running Backs

Analysis: This year’s running back class is stacked, with more second year stars than ever. (Todd Gurley, Devonta Freeman, Thomas Rawls, and David Johnson are all in their second years in the NFL.) I do not think you can go wrong with picks 1–7. There is little margin of difference between them. After the first seven, the second tier or running backs is a little tricky. You have Lamar Miller, who is extremely overrated, and Doug Martin, who was a top RB before having an extreme down year last campaign. Matt Forte is getting up there in running back years, and Jeremy Langford is a question mark in just his second year in the NFL. Ezekiel Elliot is the most overrated player in fantasy sports history. Yes, he has the best offensive line in the NFL, but he was rather inconsistent at OSU. If history repeats itself, Tony Romo will break his collar bone in week 3. The Cowboys will have nobody to throw the ball to, defenses will put seven in the box to stop Elliot, he’ll average two yards a carry, and crop-top his way to being the biggest bust in fantasy history. A sleeper on my list, all the way down at no. 28 Danny Woodhead. He is a great catching back as much as Philip Rivers throws short passes, especially in a PPR.

The hardest decision in the draft. Adrian Peterson (top left) Devonta Freeman (top right) Le’veon Bell (bottom left) Todd Gurley (bottom right)

Top 30 RBs List

  1. Le’veon Bell (not considering 4 game suspension)
  2. Adrian Peterson
  3. Todd Gurley
  4. Devonta Freeman
  5. Thomas Rawls
  6. David Johnson
  7. Jamaal Charles
  8. Lamar Miller
  9. Lesean McCoy
  10. Doug Martin
  11. Jonathan Stewart
  12. Matt Forte
  13. Jeremy Langford
  14. Ezekiel Elliot
  15. Eddie Lacy
  16. Dion Lewis
  17. DeMarco Murray
  18. Mark Ingram
  19. CJ Anderson
  20. Latavius Murray
  21. TJ Yeldon
  22. Carlos Hyde
  23. Jeremy Hill
  24. Frank Gore
  25. Chris Ivory
  26. Jay Ajayi
  27. Rashad Jennings
  28. Danny Woodhead
  29. Alfred Morris
  30. Legarrete Blount

Wide Receivers

Analysis: Antonio Brown and Julio Jones put up historic numbers last year, with Odell Beckham and Deandre Hopkins not far behind. They make for great picks in the 2nd round, and even as early as the end of the first. The 2nd tier of WRs includes AJ Green, Allen Robinson, Dez Bryant, Jordy Nelson, and Brandon Marshall. Josh Gordon is one of the best wide-outs in the league, when he isn’t higher than the Browns’ fans hopes every year. Keenan Allen is returning from a season-ending injury last year. From no. 20 on, the receivers’ numbers all depends on whether they score touchdowns. A notable sleeper is no. 31 Tyler Lockett. If you’re league accepts punt and kick return touchdowns, Lockett is a guy you want on your team.

From left to right: Odell Beckham Jr, Deandre Hopkins, Antonio Brown, Julio Jones. The elite 4 of the WR class.

Top 40 WRs List

  1. Antonio Brown
  2. Julio Jones
  3. Odell Beckham Jr.
  4. Deandre Hopkins
  5. AJ Green
  6. Allen Robinson
  7. Dez Bryant
  8. Jordy Nelson
  9. Brandon Marshall
  10. Mike Evans
  11. Demaryius Thomas
  12. Amari Cooper
  13. Josh Gordon (not considering 4 game suspension)
  14. Alshon Jeffery
  15. Keenan Allen
  16. Sammy Watkins
  17. TY Hilton
  18. Brandin Cooks
  19. Larry Fitzgerald
  20. Julian Edelman
  21. Jarvis Landry
  22. Emmanuel Sanders
  23. Kelvin Benjamin
  24. Randall Cobb
  25. Jeremy Maclin
  26. Allen Hurns
  27. Eric Decker
  28. Golden Tate
  29. Doug Baldwin
  30. Jordan Matthews
  31. Tyler Lockett
  32. John Brown
  33. Marvin Jones
  34. Mohammad Sanu
  35. Michael Crabtree
  36. Michael Floyd
  37. Donte Moncrief
  38. Desean Jackson
  39. Vincent Jackson
  40. Steve Smith Sr.


I hope you have found this interesting and helpful. Please feel free to leave comments and or questions in the comment box, but please relevant comments only. For a professional list, I recommend visiting https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/rankings/qb-cheatsheets.php

Thank you!

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