Design Trends by the numbers (and how popular is Sketch?)

The crew over at Avocode put together some data on: How designers worked in 2015… Interesting data, including the fact that “Sketch” is up to 43% of contributed designs, BUT keep in mind there are some big caveats… the first being that is the Adobe place to share your designs and they’re the 750th most visited site in the world… compared to Avocode which is around 10,000th… so keep in mind that there are probably 500 TIMES as many people using Photoshop and Illustrator on Behance than visitors on Avocode’s site.

Also keep in mind that most large corporations with the top designers in the world do NOT share their work on Avocode or Behance for legal reasons (secrets and all that), so this data is looking at a small subset of middling designers. There are certainly outliers, but still keep in mind the inherent bias here… but then check out their report to see what trends they’re seeing.

HT: LoopInsight

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