Orwell’s ‘1984,' De Beers’ Lobbying, & the New FTC Lab Diamond Guidelines

#1) A Diamond is no Longer Natural. Both Mined and Laboratory-Grown Diamonds are Diamonds.

Both of these diamonds are ~three carats, the same color, and similar clarity. One is mined & the other is grown. Can you tell the difference? Answer at the bottom of this post.

#2) Love to Slander ‘Synthetics?’ Tread Carefully…

For those of you in the diamond industry that love to cheapen man-made diamonds by calling them synthetics… *cough* Jean Marc *cough* Martin *cough*… I encourage you to read the FTC’s new guidelines carefully:

There is no such thing as synthetic gold
There is no such thing as synthetic platinum
There is no such thing as synthetic carbon
There is no such thing as synthetic diamond

#3) A Laboratory-Grown Diamond is a Gemstone.

In a move eerily reminiscent of Orwell’s famous novel ‘1984’, the mined diamond industry has, in the past, successfully lobbied the FTC to ban multiple words from the lab diamond lexicon. These previously banned words included gem, gemstone, stone, real, genuine, and even birthstone!

#4) A Lab Diamond is a Cultured Diamond.

Of all the words that the mined diamond lobby has sought to ban, ‘cultured’ has been enemy #1. Unfortunately for the mined diamond lobby, the FTC ruled against them, contending that the word ‘cultured’ can be used to…

#5) Cubic Zirconias, Diamond Simulants, and Diamond Hybrids are not Diamonds.

Much to the chagrin of companies that sell diamond simulants, the FTC has asserted clear delineation between laboratory created diamonds and those cheap diamond simulants:



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Jason Payne

Jason Payne


Founder and CEO of Ada Diamonds. Proud geek and maker. Philanthropy Engineer. Avid trail runner, backcountry skier, and glider pilot.