There are many things in the world where it is easy to put the label “good” or “bad”. But there are grey matters, things that could be either one. For example Business recommendations from non-experts.

We all have been confronted with opinions and tips since we were little, starting with our parents. They told us to eat the veggies, not to interrupt people or avoid drugs.

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Fast forward to your teenage years or young adulthood. You find yourself in a situation, where you gain experiences and confidence. Especially in the professional world.

Those who are successful do not criticize you…

First of all: forget luck! It is good to be lucky, but it is not something you want to rely on. Like my go-to attorney Harvey Specter said: “I don’t get lucky, I make my own luck” … and that ladies and gentlemen, is the motto!

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The goal is to motivate yourself but not by cheap quotes that you have found in your fortune cookie. I want to introduce you to my personal experiences and my journey to keep myself on track.

Use a calendar and a to-do list

Those two components are imperative to keep your discipline. With structuring…

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I’ll start with the conclusion of the article: It’s not like it appears at first glance, never!

So, with that being said, that’s why:

We hear that one pesky word (business ethics) all the time but what exactly does it mean? — Well let me cherry pick the most interesting aspects of if on your behalf…how generous of me right?

We face it every day, especially in advertisements. Remember that Pampers ad? — Yes, that one in cooperation with UNICEF.

“For every unit sold we donate to UNICEF to fund tetanus shots for children.”

Seems very sanctimonious right? Well yes…

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First of all: You cannot invest in property from one day to another with nothing in your pocket. It takes time and a clean criminal record.

And also: Do not fall for those “investment gurus”, I hate to break it but unless they’re close family they don’t care about you enough to magically transform you to a millionaire in 3 - 4 weeks.

In case you don’t have a small loan of a million dollars like the 45th leader of the free world, you actually have to build your business from nothing.

I will tackle a lot of things, that…

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Big disclaimer: NO! I am not teaching you on how to make money, I just tell you what things to avoid.

When it comes to investing you should probably listen to Elon Musk, Warren Buffet or other notable names, not a 22-year-old law student.

Nonetheless, since I’m in that young age-bracket, I at least can tell you what impulse-purchases and other stupidities to avoid since I had my fair share of financial mistakes.

I want you to remember this: Just because you can afford it, doesn’t mean you should!

With that being said, let’s make fun of my mistakes:


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Who doesn’t like to get messages like “Hey! Haven’t seen you in ages bud, how are you? — Anyway, I wanted to ask you if you were interested to earn money from home?”

Most of the time you don’t know these people well, maybe you went to high school together…5 years ago.

But why is that such a common trend? Is it really that easy to make money from home?

First of all, don’t be fooled: If we’re not speaking about Gandhi-like persons, it’s safe to assume that they don’t have your best interests at heart.

So, let’s talk about…

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How it all started:

I have been working in a Swiss district court and have been on the bench since 2019. And no, I am not a judge, my position would be more likely be described as “assistant to the judge”.

In a trial you would see the judge in the middle. On his right is his stenographer. And then there is me, a 22 y/o law and econ student put on bench duty.

You would ask yourself: Why would they put someone on a bench who just went through puberty? Good question, here’s why!

I wasn’t always on a bench, I started my…

Jason Nguyen

Swiss law & econ major

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