. An E-sports gaming Platform


Hello Guys! Anyone here, fond of playing online games, there is a good news for you people, ( is launching a gaming platform along with innovation and enhanced security. You can play games individually or as a team and results will be monitored through artificial intelligence, developed by and players can accept or reject the result in case they are not agree to the result they can veto them and team will analyses all the aspect of the game and then result will be announced within 48 hours of complaint registration. As far as cheating is concerned least bit of possibility of cheating is eliminated by using KYC software which is monitored by AI. Further details are given in the white paper ( financial system work on decentralized transaction and this is achieved by using smart contract technology on ethereum blockchain.

Market Potential:

Market for this sort of e sports platform is very high as most of the developed countries are now investing in e sports and Asia is the biggest market as far as revenue collection is concerned. Fans of the e sports also wanted to compete so provide this opportunity by giving them four tournaments which will be live in every six month. The option of betting is also available.

E sports market is continuously growing and trend suggested that in the year 2017, 37% growth occur and will continue to increase each year.

Tokens Detail: will issue token which can be used in different areas like playing, tournament organization, betting, transfer etc. once you have the token then you can use them to play games. Token will be given to smart contract of the game and then will be able to play game. You can get GGS token from the official app by, through wining or by transferring.

Investment and crowd sale: has already started the presale and crowed sale and people are continuously investing in the crowd sale any one can invest in the crowd sale by following this link (

Shedual of presale and crowd sale is as follows.

Pre-sale has ended now.

Crowd sale has been started and the token allocation in different weeks of crowd sale is as follows.

750 token/ 1 ETH has given to the participants of 1sthour of crowd sale and during rest of the week 650 tokens will be given per 1 ETH.

600 GGS / 1 ETH during 2nd week , 550 GGS/ 1 ETH during 3rd week and 500 GGS/ 1 ETH will be distributed during the fourth and the final week of the crowd sale.



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