The PayperEx Token (PAX) and the Crowdsale


The PAX token is a vital and unchangeable part of the PayperEx network and is intended to be the driving force and a currency which will be used to perform any action on the network, including payments, receipts, trading fee share, buying and selling of Paypers. Any action done on the network ensures that PAX will be transferred from one member to another. The network being a decentralized network automatically ensures safe, secure and smooth, no duplicate transaction will occur so no Payper is sold twice and a check is kept on every transaction.

PAX tokens being an integral part of the PayperEx as a currency or a medium of exchange has many functions on the network, in order to participate in any activity whatsoever on PayperEx network PAX is required. Shares on this network are called Paypers, and their value is calculated in PAX. “Payper Fee Share” is the fee that is paid to the network when buying, our network shares the fees paid by the participants with them that fee is also shared in PAX; trading fee for each transaction that takes place on PayperEx network will be charged in PAX.


The PAX tokens can only be purchased within the period of the crowdsale and after the crowdsale is ended the network will not create more tokens, so the interested participants must buy within the 120 days period of the crowdsale i-e 21st Aug 2017 to 19th Dec 2017. The total number of tokens to be created is 6,200,000,000 PAX (Maximum) and 1,000,000,000 PAX will be put in the reserve out of the total tokens created.

In the presale we will give away Extra PAX for free, 1,200,000,000 PAX tokens is the maximum limit of Extra PAX. A total of 4,000,000,000 PAX tokens are intended to be sold to the public throughout the crowdsale, any unsold tokens will be destroyed. For instance: If 3,000,000,000 PAX are sold in the crowdsale and 1,500,000,000 PAX as Extra PAX giveaway, all the remaining PAX tokens will be destroyed.

PAX Presale and Token Sale

In presale a total of 4,000,000,000 PAX will be sold and another 1,200,000,000 free Extra PAX at the price of 0.00002 Bitcoin (BTC), a minimum of 1,000 PAX could be purchased during the presale, it will continue till 30 days or may end early in case all the tokens are sold.

After the presale the token sale will start and will continue till 90 days, all unsold tokens left from presale will be sold in token sale (4,000,000,000 PAX Maximum). In token sale the price of 1 PAX will be equal to 0.00002 Bitcoin (BTC), a minimum of 100 PAX can be purchased in token sale. Unsold tokens from token sale will be destroyed.

(PayperEx has the right to change minimum quantity and PAX price during token sale)

Our aim is to accelerate the development of PayperEx after the end of presale and token sale, using the funds raised in the process. These funds will be effectively utilized for development, future research and development, legal expenditures, online marketing, growing the Ecosystem of network and Business Development.

ETH Address: 0xFC6e8B6E89CD3c5D54BA51c89efb92d3918c49d6

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