This bothers me, why? Because I believe as coaches we invest our efforts in developing athletes fundamentally and mentally. Once they get to High School, the exposure will begin. They become a “brand” of themselves. Aiming to “win” over scouts and college recruiters/coaches. However, do not blame the process, it is what it is, that’s why at any major showcase, they play games to see who competes, who creates routine orientated habits before games, between innings and how they react to adversity or success in games. They know how to win, we also know the Minor Leagues do not stress winning. The system is broken at multiple ends. However, if we all can focus on development prior to game time (practice, weight training, conditioning, skill work) and competition mindsets with a firm mental approach during games, every athletes will have the GRIT to compete. But, it must start early. #Beast

“…In an era where scouts regularly blame the amateur showcase scene for producing players who don’t “know how to win,” the Mariners have made winning and teaching players and staff to value winning a focus in 2016, and it’s likely to be an offseason focus as well in the new week-long programs that will replace the traditional instructional league.”

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