The right toothpaste and toothbrush

The importance of choosing the right toothpaste and toothbrush against sensitivity

The loss of tooth enamel leads to sensitivity. To avoid this, it is necessary to use the right toothpaste and toothbrush. That is why it is important to decide which one you should choose. You can choose a toothpaste by looking at the ingredients which it contains such as fluoride, anti-bacterial ingredients, silica (abrasive) etc.

It is also very important to choose the right toothbrush. Your teeth should not be brushed too hard because it can scrape the gums causing damage to the tooth neck which is not protected by the tooth enamel. A toothbrush should be replaced every three months. When you exert too much pressure while brushing, you should better use an electric toothbrush. It lets you keep the pressure under control. It has also been proven that electric toothbrushes remove more plaque than manual ones.

One of the most common causes of gum disease is plaque — a colorless, sticky bunch of bacteria that constantly forms on the teeth. When you don’t remove the plaque every day with a toothbrush and/or dental floss, bad things will happen to your teeth.

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