I was in the same boat as you, but luckily I found Tyler’s introductory tutorial to be enough to…
Alessandro Metta

Hi Alessandro. I’m glad Tylers course did work for you. Yeah, the ES6 thing is a tricky one especially for newer coders such as myself as there always seems to be this new syntax lurking around the corner and that I tried to avoid as it is challenging enough to get up to speed with the present. However, once you do start with ES6 slowly, using it as and when required, it is actually worth the effort and is not that bad.

I have no complaints about cloud9 as such — to be fair, I haven’t used it much. I just feel that after all the effort of getting my tooling up and working, I prefer the workflow of working locally. And now with using GitHub regularly, I don’t see much use for cloud9 other than to perhaps deploy apps and sites for others to see. I’m sure there are others who disagree.

The only thing I have found from all the tooling is that there is a lot of it and I am still getting my head around importing modules and Webpack (which I have, and still am, having a lot of issues with but slowly getting to grips with it).

Be good to hear more abut your journey too :)


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