Easy to Use Desktop Calendar App for Mac

Meta-description — Try this user-friendly, flexible, powerful, and versatile desktop calendar app for Mac. It features some extensive functionality, along with a very interactive GUI.

Among many desktop calendars for Mac, there is always one or two necessary features that one of the best apps also fail to offer. If you look at most of the popular calendar apps you will find at least one or two complaints that limits the users’ experience to a considerable degree.
If you’ve been looking for a complete desktop calendar app, you will be pleased. “Desktop Calendar for Mac” holds all necessary features that is required for a complete experience in calendar utilities.

Ranging from a user-friendly graphical interface to multiple calendars, and to ical integration — it is a wholesome product for your scheduling needs. You can finally add reminders and manage your future events with the flexibility you’ve ever wanted.

Let’s take a look at all of its features one at a time.

Interactive GUI — It is very hard to give a calendar app a simple yet efficient graphical UI. Because of all the features, the developers tend to stuff the interface with all those functions that makes it hard for general users to interact with it.

Desktop Calendar for Mac” employs incredibly creative solution for making the app both interactive, simple to use, and powerful at the same time. The GUI makes you apply any features without any effort.

Ical and Google Calendar Integration — It connects and integrates with iCal and Google Calendar database efficiently. All the events or reminders that you have added in iCal and/or Google Calendar will be synchronized here without any hassle. Moreover, the integration system is applicable for both ways. That means, any changes you make to this app directly will be displayed to iCal and Google Calendar as well.

Here is a list of the some more exciting features it supports

  • quick access from the menu bar
  • quick switch to month, year, or week view from any one.
  • Easy management of multiple calendars. You can create as many number of different calendars as you like. Copying the reminders from one calendar to other can be done in a single click. Moreover, the color coding system gives each calendar and all the entries belong to it a different color from others for identification and management.
  • view of all events and reminders for the chose time period. This is one of the most unique function among Mac calendars. You can choose any time period and click on “All reminders” which lists all the reminders in a separate window, thus, making it easy to analyze your schedule and also modifying any future reminder.
  • quickly edit, add, modify, or delete from the assistant window
    efficient filter for upcoming events and incomplete reminders
    Supports Multiple Language

Light on computer, takes less Ram, consumes less computing power
Click here for free 30 day version. All the features are accessible in the free version just as they are in paid version, except they will work only for a month. If you like what you saw, you can pay for the full license.

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