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First of all, if whatever you have written is true then please know that I for one am really sad, just going through your post and knowing how people that you’ve opened up to respond to it made my heart sink, such insensitivity, I was particularly saddened by what you claim Naveen Kasturia had to say, felt really bad that an actor I like was being this callous. On the whole this was difficult to read that at TVF, a media outlet we all love has all of this going on behind the scenes.

I do have a question though, did you also try communicating this problem to the other females working at TVF or do you know of others who have gone through the same.

Secondly, if all of this is true than Arunabh Kumar already knows who has written this, so in my opinion instead of being anonymous you should come out in the open and take legal recourse against him, there’s no point in hiding. In cases of sexual abuse it should be the abuser who feels ashamed not the victim

Just know that there are people here who want to hear out your complete story with a sympathetic ear.


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