Level up your JavaScript skills 👩🏽‍💻

Are you ready to take your next step towards a career in tech? Join the fantastic talks at the conference and dive deeper in certain topics with our workshops.

The prices start from 400 € per workshop (includes a Conference Pass). In return you’ll get to spend time with one of the leading names in the industry while learning a lot about a topic such as JavaScript, Webpack, Vue, NodeJS / Nest, Ionic and A-Frame.

Bring fresh ideas back to the business is just an investment in your own company!

Deep JS Foundations by Kyle Simpson

This is a recently-updated version of his most popular (and most important) workshop. You’ll learn about object wrappers, coercion, scope, closure, types, prototype system, ES6 features, == vs === and more. Understand deeply how the JavaScript engine looks for variables in function and block scope (var, let and const). Learn which ES6 features can help or hurt your coding and which new features should be used with caution. Also why coercion is one of the overlooked keys to using JavaScript more effectively.

WebPack Academy by Sean Larkin

Webpack has found itself as a quintessential piece of building any high performance, scalable web application. Learn with Sean Larkin everything from the core concepts, all the way up to writing custom loaders, plugins and more!

Fast start with Vue by Eduardo Morote

Learn VueJS, the progressive framework with Eduardo Morote (@VueJS core team member). We will start with the basics building a discovery app, covering good practices with elegant solutions.

Scalable Node.js with Nest by Kamil Myśliwiec

Learn why Nest Framework could greatly increase your productivity when creating server-side applications. Better understanding of how to leverage the framework and take advantage of latest JavaScript features.

Ionic All in One by Sani Yusuf

Get started with Ionic to create beautiful PWA and Hybrid applications with the same code base. Learn with Sani Yusuf how to use great tools such as the Ionic Dev App and Ionic View application to test your applications live on real mobile device.

WebVR with A-Frame by Andrzej Mazur

A-Frame brings the ease of use while following game development coding principles. During the workshop you will use HTML markup and write JavaScript code to create Virtual Reality experiences for all available platforms, and see how easy, fun, and fast it is. You will learn how to create a simple game with the A-Frame framework from scratch, step by step, to a fully functional creation.

We give half of the workshop profits to the speakers and also we cover their travel and accommodation. Doing this is fair given the effort they put into their work.